Artist Profiles

5j Barrow (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
A A Bondy (Indie Rock)
A Fine Mess (Celtic)
A. Lee Edwards (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Aaron Burdett (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock)
Aaron English (Singer/Songwriter)
Abbie Gardner (Singer/Songwriter)
Abby Ahmad (Singer/Songwriter)
Abby Owens (Singer/Songwriter)
Abe Partridge (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Abigail and Eric Selby (Celtic, Folk Rock)
Abigail Stauffer (Singer/Songwriter)
Abigail Washburn (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Abram Gunther (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock, Soul/Gospel)
According to Bazooka (Americana, Pop)
Acoustalyn (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Acoustic Eidolon (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Celtic, World Music, Instrumental, Gypsy Jazz)
Acoustic Syndicate (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Acoustically Speaking (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Adam & I (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Agee & Jon Sousa (Celtic)
Adam Baker (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Burrows (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Adam Carroll (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Ezra (Americana)
Adam Faucett (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Adam Gardino (Singer/Songwriter, Instrumental)
Adam Hood (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Klein (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
Adam Michael Rothberg (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Miller (Folk)
Adam Palm (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Adam Rafferty (Instrumental)
Adam Torres (Singer/Songwriter)
Adam Travis (Reggae, Folk Rock)
Adam Wakefield (Country)
Adam Werner (Instrumental)
Adam Whipple (Folk)
Adler & Hearne (Singer/Songwriter)
Admiral Radio (Americana)
Adrian and Meredith (Americana)
Adrian Legg (Singer/Songwriter)
Adriana Bastardas (Singer/Songwriter)
Adrienne Z (Singer/Songwriter)
Adron (Singer/Songwriter)
After Jack (Americana)
AHI (Singer/Songwriter)
Aimee Ringle (Singer/Songwriter)
Aine Minogue (Celtic, Instrumental)
Aireene Espiritu (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Aisha Burns (Singer/Songwriter)
AJ Ghent (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
AJ Lee & Blue Summit (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Al Petteway and Amy White (Singer/Songwriter)
Al Strong and 99 Brass Band (Jazz)
Alan Barnosky (Folk)
Alan Rhody (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Alanna Royale (Acoustic Blues)
Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas (Celtic)
Albert Castiglia (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
Albert Cummings (Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues)
Albert Donadi (Singer/Songwriter)
Ale House String Band (Americana)
Alejandro Escovedo (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Alejandro Rowinsky (Instrumental)
Alela Diane (Singer/Songwriter)
Alex Coba (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Alex DiMattia (Singer/Songwriter)
Alex Hunnicutt (Singer/Songwriter)
Alex Mabey (Singer/Songwriter, Christian)
Alex Otey (Jazz)
Alex Smith (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Alex Weiss & Different Drum (World Music)
Alex Williams (Country)
Alex Winters (Singer/Songwriter)
Alexandra Tayara (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Pop)
Ali Holder (Singer/Songwriter)
Ali McGuirk (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Alice DiMicele (Singer/Songwriter)
Alice Howe (Singer/Songwriter)
Alice Peacock (Singer/Songwriter)
Alice Wallace (Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Alicia Bullard (Singer/Songwriter)
Allen Levi (Singer/Songwriter)
Allie Farris (Singer/Songwriter)
Allie Moss (Singer/Songwriter)
Allison de Groot (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Allison Moorer (Country)
Allison Preisinger (Singer/Songwriter)
Ally Westover (Singer/Songwriter)
Alpha The Musical (Singer/Songwriter)
Altan (Celtic)
Altered Roots (Folk Rock)
Alternate Routes (Folk Rock)
Aly Tadros (Singer/Songwriter)
Alyse Black (Singer/Songwriter)
Amanda Anne Platt and The Honeycutters (Americana, Country)
Amanda Cook (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Amanda Duncan (Singer/Songwriter)
Amanda Pearcy (Singer/Songwriter)
Amanda Pruitt (Country)
Amanda Shires (Singer/Songwriter)
Amber Cross (Singer/Songwriter)
Amber Rubarth (Singer/Songwriter)
Amber Sweeney (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Amelia Curran (Singer/Songwriter)
Amelia K. Spicer (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Amelia Stamsta (Singer/Songwriter)
Amelia White (Singer/Songwriter)
Amenta Abioto (Pop, Jazz)
American Aquarium (Country)
American Darling Valve (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock)
American Double (Instrumental)
American Dreamer (Americana)
American Opera (Singer/Songwriter)
American Young (Country)
Ami Yares (Singer/Songwriter)
Amilia K Spicer (Singer/Songwriter)
Amuni (Folk, World Music)
Amy Andrews (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy BeVille (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Bishop (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Black (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Duckett Wagner - "Amy Dee" (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Amy Engelhardt (Pop)
Amy Fradon (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Gallatin (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Amy Gerhartz (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Hart (Acoustic Blues)
Amy Helm (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Amy LaVere (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Obenski (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Amy Ray (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Rigby (Singer/Songwriter)
Amy Speace (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Amy Stroup (Singer/Songwriter)
Amythyst Kiah (Singer/Songwriter)
Ana Egge (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Ana Popovic (Acoustic Blues)
Anaïs Mitchell (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Anders Osborne (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrea & Mud (Cowboy, Country)
Andrea Beaton & Troy MacGillivray (Celtic)
Andrea Carlson (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrea Pais (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrea Tomasi (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrea von Kampen (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrea Wittgens (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Belle (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Bird (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Andrew Black (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Combs (Country)
Andrew Delaney (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Duhon (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Finn Magill (Cajun & Creole)
Andrew Galucki (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Greer (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Holmes (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Leahey (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew McKnight (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Ripp (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Ryan (Singer/Songwriter)
Andrew Sullivan (Singer/Songwriter)
Andy and Judy Daigle (Folk)
Andy Cohen (Folk)
Andy Davis (Singer/Songwriter)
Andy Griggs (Country)
Andy Gullahorn (Christian)
Andy Kahrs (Country, Acoustic Blues)
Andy May (Singer/Songwriter)
Andy Mckee (Instrumental)
Angel Snow (Singer/Songwriter)
Angela Easterling (Country)
Angela Parrish (Singer/Songwriter)
Angela Sheik (Singer/Songwriter)
Angelfire (Folk Rock, Pop)
Animals of Grace (Singer/Songwriter)
Anita Lorraine (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk)
Anj Granieri (Singer/Songwriter)
Anji Kat (Singer/Songwriter)
Ann Armstrong and Steve Hughes (Singer/Songwriter)
Ann Reed (Singer/Songwriter)
Anna and Elizabeth (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Anna Graceman (Singer/Songwriter)
Anna Nalick (Singer/Songwriter)
Anna Tivel (Singer/Songwriter)
Annalise Emerick (Singer/Songwriter)
Annalyse & Ryan (Americana)
Anne E. DeChant (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock)
Anne Erlewine (Singer/Songwriter)
Anne Hills (Singer/Songwriter)
Anne Weiss (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues)
Anni Clark (Singer/Songwriter)
Annie and Rod Capps (Americana)
Annie Humphrey (Singer/Songwriter)
Annie Sumi (Singer/Songwriter)
Annie Wells (Singer/Songwriter)
Annika Bennett (Singer/Songwriter)
Anthony David (Singer/Songwriter)
Anthony Green (Singer/Songwriter)
Anthony Mossburg (Singer/Songwriter)
Anthony Snape (Singer/Songwriter)
Antje Duvekot (Singer/Songwriter)
Antsy McClain (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Aoife O'Donovan (Singer/Songwriter)
April Rooks (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Christian)
April Verch (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Aprylle Gilbert (Singer/Songwriter)
Arborea (Singer/Songwriter)
Ari and Mia Friedman (Americana, Folk)
Ari Hest (Singer/Songwriter)
Arkansauce (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country)
ArleneWow! (Singer/Songwriter)
Arthur Migliazza (Ragtime)
As Husband and Wife (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Pop)
Ashley Raines (Singer/Songwriter)
Ashtyn Barbaree (Singer/Songwriter)
Asleep at the Wheel (Country)
Astrid Kuljanic (Jazz)
Athena McIntyre (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Atwater-Donnelly (Folk)
Aubryn (Singer/Songwriter)
Audra Kubat (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Cain (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Coleman (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Haynes (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Austin MacRae (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Plaine (Singer/Songwriter)
Austin Webb (Country)
Avery Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Avi Kaplan (Singer/Songwriter)
Avi Wisnia (Jazz)
Aztec Two-Step (Folk Rock)
Balsam Range (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Banjoy / Burlington Street Bluegrass Band (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Barb Ryman (Singer/Songwriter)
Barbara Nesbitt (Singer/Songwriter)
Barefoot McCoy (Folk)
Barnaby Bright (Americana)
Barnes Gordy & Walsh (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Barrie Dempsey (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock)
Bart Crow (Singer/Songwriter)
Basia Bulat (Singer/Songwriter)
Baylor Wilson (Singer/Songwriter)
Bayonne (Singer/Songwriter)
Baza (Acoustic Blues)
Beasley (Singer/Songwriter)
Beau James (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
BeauSoleil (Cajun & Creole)
Becca Mancari (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Becky Kapell (Country)
Becky Schlegel (Singer/Songwriter)
Becky Shaw (Americana)
Belinda Gail (Cowboy, Country)
Belle and the Band (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Belle of the Fall (Folk Rock)
Belle Plaine (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Ben Abrahamson (World Music, Instrumental)
Ben Bedford (Singer/Songwriter)
Ben Danaher (Singer/Songwriter)
Ben Friedman (Singer/Songwriter)
Ben Gibbard (Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Ben Rector (Singer/Songwriter)
Ben Sollee (Instrumental)
Beni Brosh (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Benjamin Dakota Rogers (Singer/Songwriter)
Benny Bassett (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Beppe Gambetta (Bluegrass & Roots Music, World Music, Instrumental)
Bernice Lewis (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Bernie Nelson (Country)
Besides Daniel (Singer/Songwriter)
Bess Greenberg (KidBess) (Singer/Songwriter)
Beth // James (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Beth DeSombre (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Beth Snapp (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Beth Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Beth Wood (Singer/Songwriter)
Bethany Anne (Singer/Songwriter)
Bethel Steele (Singer/Songwriter)
Betsy Franck (Singer/Songwriter)
Bettman and Halpin (Americana)
Betty Soo (Singer/Songwriter)
Beyond the Pale (World Music)
Big Little Lions (Folk Rock)
Big Sandy (Western Swing, Country)
Big Valley Bluegrass (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill & Kate Isles (Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Bill and Eli Perras (Americana)
Bill and the Belles (Country)
Bill Bloomer (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill Brimer (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill Callahan (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill Dwyer Band (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill Edwards (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Bill Evans (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Bill Kirchen (Singer/Songwriter, Rockabilly, Folk Rock)
Bill Long (Americana, Country)
Bill Mize (Instrumental)
Bill Nash (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Bill Staines (Singer/Songwriter)
Bill West (Singer/Songwriter)
Billy Bauer (Singer/Songwriter)
Billy Brandt (Singer/Songwriter)
Billy Crockett (Singer/Songwriter)
Billy Dean (Country)
Billy Joe Hunt (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Billy Kemp (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues)
Billy Strings (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Birds of Chicago (Americana, Folk Rock)
Birdsong At Morning (Singer/Songwriter)
Bittersweet Highway (Singer/Songwriter)
BJ Wilbanks (Singer/Songwriter)
Blake Guthrie (Singer/Songwriter)
Blame Sally (Singer/Songwriter)
Blue Grey Serenade (Singer/Songwriter)
Blue Highway (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Blue Honey (Singer/Songwriter)
Blue Jersey Band (Singer/Songwriter)
Blue Mother Tupelo (Folk Rock)
Blue Yonder (Country)
Bob Ardern (Instrumental)
Bob Beach (Americana)
Bob Bovee (Cowboy)
Bob Carlin (Singer/Songwriter)
Bob Lind (Singer/Songwriter)
Bob Livingston (Singer/Songwriter)
Bob Lucas (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Bob Malone (Acoustic Blues)
Bob Margolin with Tad Walters (Acoustic Blues)
Bob Rafkin (Singer/Songwriter)
Bob Schneider (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Bob Sima (Singer/Songwriter)
Bob Woodruff (Singer/Songwriter)
Bobby Cool (Singer/Songwriter)
Bobby Jo Valentine (Singer/Songwriter)
Bobby McMillon (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Bobby Sweet (Singer/Songwriter)
Bobtown (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Rockabilly)
Bold Riley (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Other Folk/Traditional)
Bombadil (Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Bonnie Bishop (Singer/Songwriter)
Bonnie Whitmore (Country)
Boomtown Trio (Americana, Instrumental)
Borderline Genius (Folk Rock, Pop)
Bow Thayer (Singer/Songwriter)
Bowregard (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Brad Armstrong (Singer/Songwriter)
Brad Cole (Singer/Songwriter)
Brad Colerick (Singer/Songwriter)
Brad Dutz Quartet (Instrumental, Jazz, Classical)
Brad Jacobsen (Singer/Songwriter)
Brad Parsons (Americana)
Bradford Loomis (Americana)
Bradley Jazz Collective (Jazz)
Brandi Booth (Singer/Songwriter)
Brandi Carlile (Singer/Songwriter)
Brandon Luedtke (Singer/Songwriter)
Brandon Rhyder (Country)
Brandon Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Branson Anderson (Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Brant N Miller (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Break of Reality (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Brendan Fletcher (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Brendan James (Singer/Songwriter)
Brenna Stross (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
Brennen Leigh (Singer/Songwriter)
Brent Byrd (Singer/Songwriter)
Bret Koontz (Singer/Songwriter)
Brett Altman (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Brett Dennen (Singer/Songwriter)
Brett Newski (Folk Rock)
Brett Young (Country)
Brian Ashley Jones (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Brian Colburn (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Copeland (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Dolzani (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Brian Dunne (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Keith Wallen (Acoustic Blues)
Brian Koenigsknecht (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Brian Larney (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Milligram (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Smalley (Americana)
Brian Stiroh (Singer/Songwriter)
Brian Wright (Singer/Songwriter)
Brianna Kocka (Singer/Songwriter)
Brigitte DeMeyer (Singer/Songwriter)
Brigitte London (Singer/Songwriter)
Britt Connors (Americana)
Brittany Ann (Singer/Songwriter)
Brock Zeman (Singer/Songwriter)
Brooke Annibale (Singer/Songwriter)
Brooke Waggoner (Singer/Songwriter)
Brooks Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Brooksie Wells (Folk)
Brother and The Hayes (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Brother Dege (Acoustic Blues)
Brown Kid (Singer/Songwriter)
Bruce Berquist (Acoustic Blues, Indie Rock, Jazz)
Bruce Cockburn (Singer/Songwriter)
Bruce Mandel (Singer/Songwriter)
Bruce Marshall (Singer/Songwriter)
Bruce Michael Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Bruce Molsky (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Bruce Robison (Country)
Brushfire Stankgrass (Singer/Songwriter)
Bryan John Appleby (Singer/Songwriter)
Bryan McPherson (Singer/Songwriter)
Bryan White (Country)
Bryce Ernest Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Bryce Merritt (Singer/Songwriter)
Buck Meek (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Buckwheat Zydeco (Singer/Songwriter)
Buddy Mondlock (Singer/Songwriter)
Buffalo Gospel (Country)
Burke Ingraffia (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Jazz)
Buskin and Batteau (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Butch Hancock (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Byrd & Street (Folk)
C. Daniel Boling – Balladeer / Songwriter (Singer/Songwriter)
Caamp (Singer/Songwriter)
Caitlin Cannon (Americana, Country)
Caitlin Canty (Singer/Songwriter)
Caitlin Eadie (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Indie Rock, Pop)
Caitlin Jemma (Singer/Songwriter)
Caleb Caudle (Singer/Songwriter)
Caleb Elliott (Singer/Songwriter)
Caleb Hawley (Singer/Songwriter)
Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country)
Calico The Band (Country)
Callaghan (Singer/Songwriter)
Calling Adam (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Calliope Pettis (Singer/Songwriter)
Calum Graham (Singer/Songwriter)
Calvin Arsenia (Singer/Songwriter, Instrumental)
Caminhos Cruzados (Latin, World Music, Jazz)
Candy Coburn (Singer/Songwriter)
Cane Mill Road (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Captain Klas (Pop)
Carbon Leaf (Americana, Indie Rock)
Cardboard OX (Singer/Songwriter)
Carey Murdock (Singer/Songwriter)
Carey Ziegler's Expensive Hobby (Rockabilly, Pop)
Cari Ray & The Shaky Legs (Americana, Country)
Carl Solomon (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Carling and Will (Americana, Folk)
Carly Gibson (Singer/Songwriter)
Carol Markstrom (Singer/Songwriter)
Carolann Solebello (Singer/Songwriter)
Carolina Blue (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Carolina Story (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Caroline Aiken (Singer/Songwriter)
Caroline Cotter (Singer/Songwriter)
Caroline Glaser (Singer/Songwriter)
Caroline Herring (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Caroline Spence (Singer/Songwriter)
Carolyn Hunter (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Carolyn Walker (Singer/Songwriter)
Carolyn Waters (Acoustic Blues, Jazz)
Carolyn Wonderland (Acoustic Blues)
Carrie Clark (Singer/Songwriter)
Carrie Elkin (Country)
Carrie Krause (Instrumental)
Carrie McFerrin (Singer/Songwriter)
Carrie Newcomer (Singer/Songwriter)
Carrie Rodriguez (Singer/Songwriter)
Carrington Kay (Americana)
Carsie Blanton (Singer/Songwriter)
Carson McHone (Country)
Carter Sampson (Singer/Songwriter)
Cary Brothers (Singer/Songwriter)
Cary Morin (Acoustic Blues)
Casey Abrams (Singer/Songwriter)
Casey Neill (Singer/Songwriter)
Casey Weston (Singer/Songwriter)
Cash Wilson (Singer/Songwriter)
Cassandra Cole (Singer/Songwriter)
Cassandra House (Singer/Songwriter)
Castlebay (Singer/Songwriter, Celtic)
Castletown (Americana, Folk, Celtic)
Cat Power (Singer/Songwriter)
Catherine MacLellan (Singer/Songwriter)
Catherine Marie Charlton (Singer/Songwriter)
Catherine the Great (Singer/Songwriter)
Catie Curtis (Singer/Songwriter)
Cedar Ridge (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Central Standard Time (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Cereus Bright (Folk Rock)
Chad Elliott (Singer/Songwriter)
Chad Richard (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Chain Station (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Chakulla (Folk)
Chant the Trees (Americana)
Chappell Roan (Singer/Songwriter)
Charles Wesley Godwin (Singer/Songwriter)
Charley Woods (Singer/Songwriter)
Charlie Ballantine (Singer/Songwriter)
Charlie Dane (Singer/Songwriter)
Charlie Marie (Country)
Charlie Mosbrook (Folk)
Charlie Zahm (Celtic)
Charlotte Kendrick (Singer/Songwriter)
Charly Lowry & Friends (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Charm City Junction (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Charming Disaster (Folk Rock)
Chasing Lovely (Singer/Songwriter)
Chasing Summer (Americana)
Chastity Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Chatham Rabbits (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Che Apalache (Bluegrass & Roots Music, World Music)
Cheley Tackett (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Chelsea Berry (Singer/Songwriter)
Chelsea Nolan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Chelsea Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Cherish the Ladies (Celtic)
Cherry Avenue (Country)
Cheryl Casselman (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Cheryl Wheeler (Singer/Songwriter)
Cheyloe (Country)
Chicago Farmer (Singer/Songwriter)
China Forbes (Singer/Songwriter)
Chinua Hawk (Singer/Songwriter)
Choro da Alegria (World Music)
Chris and Meredith Thompson (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Chris and Thomas (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Ayer (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Bathgate (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Buhalis (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Carpenter (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Pop)
Chris Carroll (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Diller (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris DuPont (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Frisina (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Chris Gantry (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Golden (Christian)
Chris Jones and the Night Drivers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Chris Kasper (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Knight (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Koza (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris LaVancher (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Monaghan (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Nauman (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Proctor (Instrumental)
Chris Pureka (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Sayre (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Smither (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Staples (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Thile (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Titchner (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Trapper (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris Webster (Singer/Songwriter)
Chrissi Poland (Singer/Songwriter)
Christian Lopez (Singer/Songwriter)
Christie Lenee (Singer/Songwriter)
Christina Chandler (Singer/Songwriter)
Christina Holmes (Singer/Songwriter)
Christina LaRocca (Singer/Songwriter)
Christina Smet (Singer/Songwriter)
Christine Anderson (Singer/Songwriter)
Christine Barbosa (Jazz)
Christine Havrilla (Singer/Songwriter)
Christine Lavin (Folk)
Christomo (Singer/Songwriter)
Christopher James (Singer/Songwriter)
Christopher Mark Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Christopher Paul Stelling (Singer/Songwriter)
Christy Hays (Americana, Country)
Christy Nockels (Christian)
Chuck Brodsky (Singer/Songwriter)
Chuck Cannon (Country)
Chuck Hawthorne (Singer/Songwriter)
Chuck McDermott (Singer/Songwriter)
Chuck Prophet (Singer/Songwriter)
Chuck Suchy (Folk)
Chuck Wood (Instrumental)
Cindy Alexander (Singer/Songwriter)
Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Other Folk/Traditional)
Circus No. 9 (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Jazz)
Citizen Jane (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock)
Claire Kelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Claire Lynch (Singer/Songwriter)
Claire Morales (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Clancy Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Clara Baker (Singer/Songwriter)
Clare Longendyke (Classical)
Clarence Bucaro (Singer/Songwriter)
Claude Bourbon (Folk, World Music)
Claudia Nygaard (Singer/Songwriter)
Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan (Americana, Folk)
Claudia Schmidt (Singer/Songwriter)
Clay Babies (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional)
Clay Giberson (Singer/Songwriter)
Clay Page (Country)
Clay Parker and Jodi James (Americana, Folk)
Clay Whittington (Singer/Songwriter)
Clayton Knight (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk)
Cliff Eberhardt (Singer/Songwriter)
Cliff Perry and Laurel Bliss (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Clifton's Ford (Singer/Songwriter)
Clint Alphin (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Clinton Wesley Hale (Singer/Songwriter)
Coco and Lafe (Singer/Songwriter)
Cody McCarver (Country)
Cody Rivenburg (Singer/Songwriter)
Cody Rogers (Singer/Songwriter)
Colby Del Green (Singer/Songwriter)
Cold Chocolate (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Cold Weather Company (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Cole Hansen (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Cole Washburn (Singer/Songwriter)
Coles Whalen (Country)
Colleen Green (Singer/Songwriter)
Colleen Lloy (Americana, Folk Rock)
Colter Wall (Singer/Songwriter)
Communist Daughter (Singer/Songwriter)
Connie Mims (Singer/Songwriter)
Connor Garvey (Singer/Songwriter)
Conor Oberst (Singer/Songwriter)
Cora Vasseur (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk)
Corb Lund (Singer/Songwriter)
Corey Harris (Singer/Songwriter)
Corey Kilgannon (Singer/Songwriter)
Corin Raymond (Singer/Songwriter)
Cormac McCarthy (Folk)
Corner House (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Instrumental)
Cornmeal (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Cory Morrow (Country)
Cosy Sheridan (Singer/Songwriter)
Couldn't Be Happiers (Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Courtney Patton (Country)
Covenhoven (Singer/Songwriter)
Coyote Willow (Americana)
Craig Bickhardt (Country)
Craig Cardiff (Singer/Songwriter)
Craig Carothers (Singer/Songwriter)
Craig Werth (Singer/Songwriter)
Crazy Water Crystals (Singer/Songwriter)
Creek City (Americana)
Cricket Blue (Singer/Songwriter)
Cristina Quinones (Singer/Songwriter)
Critton Hollow (Other Folk/Traditional)
Crooked Still (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Cruz Contreras (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Crys Matthews (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Crystal Bowersox (Singer/Songwriter)
Crystal Yates (Country)
Curtis and Loretta (Folk)
Curtis Brand (Singer/Songwriter)
Curtis McMurtry (Singer/Songwriter)
Curtis Salgado (Acoustic Blues)
D-Deuce (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
D-Squared (Folk)
Dada Veda (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, World Music, Folk Rock)
Dakota Blond (Singer/Songwriter)
Dakota Dave Hull (Folk)
DALA (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Dale Watson (Country)
Dallas Vietty (Singer/Songwriter)
Dalton Domino (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Damian Keavney (Instrumental)
Damian Luna (Singer/Songwriter)
Damian McGinty (Singer/Songwriter)
Damien Jurado (Singer/Songwriter)
Damion Wolfe (Singer/Songwriter)
Damn Tall Buildings (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Dan and Faith (Folk)
Dan Bern (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Blakeslee (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Coyle (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Crary (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country, Instrumental)
Dan Drnach (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Dan Dyer (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Dan Emino (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Foster (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Cowboy, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Rockabilly, Folk Rock)
Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Instrumental, Folk Rock, Pop, Gypsy Jazz, Classical)
Dan Hubbard (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Israel (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Krikorian (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Krill (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Dan Layus (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Navarro (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan O'Rourke (Country)
Dan Rauchwerk (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Dan Schwartz (Instrumental)
Dan Tyminski (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Dan Weber (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Dan Wilkins Duo (Singer/Songwriter)
Dan Zukowski (Singer/Songwriter)
Dana and Susan Robinson (Singer/Songwriter)
Dana Cooper (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Dana Hubbard (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Dana Price (Singer/Songwriter)
Dana Sipos (Singer/Songwriter)
dancing Light (Singer/Songwriter)
Daniel and The Blonde (Americana, Folk)
Daniel Bashta (Christian)
Daniel Champagne (Singer/Songwriter)
Daniel Guevara (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Daniel Kosel (Singer/Songwriter)
Daniel Neihoff (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues)
Daniel Rey (Singer/Songwriter)
Danielle Ate The Sandwich (Singer/Songwriter)
Danielle Howle (Singer/Songwriter)
Danielle Miraglia (Acoustic Blues)
Danika & The Jeb (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Danny Barnes (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Danny Gotham (Singer/Songwriter)
Danny Schmidt (Singer/Songwriter)
Daphne Willis (Singer/Songwriter)
Dar Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Dara Niemi (Country)
Darby Wilcox (Singer/Songwriter)
Darcy Nelson (Singer/Songwriter)
Darden Smith (Singer/Songwriter)
Dark Waters Project (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk Rock)
Darlingside (Folk Rock)
Darrell Scott (Singer/Songwriter)
Darryl Purpose (Singer/Songwriter)
Darryl Rahn (Singer/Songwriter)
Daryl Wayne Dasher (Singer/Songwriter)
Dav Blues (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave & Melody Hill (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Cowboy, Folk, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues)
Dave Alvin (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Barnes (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Boutette (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Cofell (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Curley (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Dersham (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Eggar (Instrumental)
Dave Gunning (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Dave Hadley (Americana)
Dave Kobrenski (World Music)
Dave Lange (Acoustic Blues)
Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer (Americana, Folk Rock, Pop)
Dave Nachmanoff (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Rowe (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties)
Dave Stamey (Country)
Dave Tamkin (Singer/Songwriter)
Dave Zollo (Singer/Songwriter)
Davey O (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
David Berkeley (Singer/Songwriter)
David Blackwell (Singer/Songwriter)
David Burchfield (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
David Byboth (Singer/Songwriter)
David Childers (Singer/Songwriter)
David Cohen (World Music, Instrumental, Classical)
David Dodson (Singer/Songwriter)
David Ford (Singer/Songwriter)
David G. Smith (Singer/Songwriter)
David Gans (Singer/Songwriter)
David Goodier (Singer/Songwriter)
David Greely (Singer/Songwriter)
David Grier (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
David Hakan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
David Harland (Singer/Songwriter)
David Hintz (Americana)
David Ingerson (Celtic)
David Jacobs-Strain (Acoustic Blues)
David Lee (Singer/Songwriter)
David Luning (Singer/Songwriter)
David Mallett (Singer/Songwriter)
David Massengill (Folk)
David Newbould (Singer/Songwriter)
David Nigel Lloyd (Singer/Songwriter)
David Olney (Singer/Songwriter)
David Perry Molina (Folk Rock)
David Ramirez (Singer/Songwriter)
David Robert King (Singer/Songwriter)
David Roth (Singer/Songwriter)
David Ryan (Singer/Songwriter)
David Ryan Harris (Singer/Songwriter)
David Scott Weaver (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
David Starr (Singer/Songwriter)
David Wilcox (Singer/Songwriter)
David Wiseman - da6d (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues)
Davin McCoy (Singer/Songwriter)
Davis and Devitt (Americana)
Davis Mcgee (Singer/Songwriter)
Dawes (Folk Rock)
Dawn and Hawkes (Singer/Songwriter)
Dawn Mitschele (Singer/Songwriter)
DAXAD The One and Only (Singer/Songwriter)
Dayna Bee (Americana, Country)
Dayna Kurtz (Singer/Songwriter)
Dead Horses (Folk Rock)
Dean Batstone (Singer/Songwriter)
Dean Fields (Singer/Songwriter)
Dean Magraw (Singer/Songwriter, Instrumental)
Dean Stevens (Folk)
Deb Seymour (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Deb Talan (Singer/Songwriter)
Debra Cowan (Folk)
DECOSTER (Folk Rock)
Dekorah (Singer/Songwriter)
Del Rey (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
Deliberate Kin (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Della Mae (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Delta Rae (Folk Rock)
Demo Artist (Singer/Songwriter)
Dennis Cash (Singer/Songwriter)
Dennis Warner (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Denny Breau (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Rockabilly, Folk Rock, Jazz)
Derek Hoke (Singer/Songwriter)
Derek Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Derek Webb (Singer/Songwriter)
Devon Sproule (Singer/Songwriter)
Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba (Americana, Folk, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Diamondwolf (Singer/Songwriter)
Diana Chittester (Folk Rock)
Diana Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Diana Rein (Electric Blues)
Diane Chaplin (Classical)
Diane Perry (Singer/Songwriter)
Diane Rose Kelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Diane Ward (Singer/Songwriter)
Dick Siegel (Jazz)
Dina Hall (Singer/Songwriter)
Dom Flemons (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Dominic Pettine (Singer/Songwriter)
Dominick Leslie (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Don Campbell (Country)
Don Conoscenti (Singer/Songwriter)
Don Slepian (Singer/Songwriter)
Don White (Singer/Songwriter)
Donna Hopkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Donna Hughes (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Donna Marie Alba (Singer/Songwriter)
Donna Ray Norton (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Donna Ulisse (Country)
Donovan Woods (Singer/Songwriter)
Dori Freeman (Singer/Songwriter)
Doria Roberts (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Adamz (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Alan Wilcox (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Burr (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Hammer (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Hawk (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug MacLeod (Acoustic Blues)
Doug Rees (Singer/Songwriter)
Doug Seegers (Country)
Douglas Haines (Americana, Folk)
Doyle Lawson (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Drew Gibson (Singer/Songwriter)
Drew Haley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors (Singer/Songwriter)
Drew Kennedy (Singer/Songwriter)
Drew Nelson (Singer/Songwriter)
Drew Schofield (Singer/Songwriter)
Driftwood (Folk Rock)
Dry Branch Fire Squad (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Duane Cliatt (Singer/Songwriter)
Dub Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Dusty Heart (Americana)
Dwayne Higgins (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Rockabilly)
Dylan LeBlanc (Singer/Songwriter)
Dylan Scott (Country)
Early James & The Latest (Americana)
Earnest and Troubled (Folk)
Ebin-Rose Trio (Folk Rock)
Ed Gerhard (Instrumental)
Ed Ossi (Singer/Songwriter)
Ed Snodderly (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Eddie Berman (Singer/Songwriter)
Eddy Mann (Singer/Songwriter)
Edgar Meyer (Singer/Songwriter)
Edie Carey (Singer/Songwriter)
Edward Main (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Edward Ross (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock)
Edwin McCain (Singer/Songwriter)
EG Kight (Singer/Songwriter)
Eileen Bernstein (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Eilen Jewell (Singer/Songwriter)
El Twanguero (Rockabilly)
Elana Arian (Singer/Songwriter)
Ele Ivory (Singer/Songwriter)
Eleanor Murray (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Elenowen (Folk Rock)
Elephant Revival (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Eli Cook (Acoustic Blues)
Eli Lev (Singer/Songwriter)
Eli Paperboy Reed (Singer/Songwriter)
Eliot Bronson (Singer/Songwriter)
Elise Davis (Singer/Songwriter)
Eliza Edens (Singer/Songwriter)
Eliza Gilkyson (Singer/Songwriter)
Elizabeth & The Catapult (solo) (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Elizabeth Cook (Country)
Elizabeth Moen (Folk Rock)
Elizabeth Pugh (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Elizabeth Wills (Singer/Songwriter)
Ella Mine (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Ellen Bukstel (Singer/Songwriter)
Ellen Edwards (Singer/Songwriter)
Elliott Park (Singer/Songwriter)
Ellis (Singer/Songwriter)
Ellis Dyson and the Shambles (Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime)
Ellis Paul (Singer/Songwriter)
Elyse Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Emerald Rae (Folk)
Emerson Hart (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Baker (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Emily Barnes (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Claire Shlesinger (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Earle (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Elbert (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Hearn (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Keener (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Lehman (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Mure (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Scott Robinson (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Stewart (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily White (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily White (MS) (Singer/Songwriter)
Emily Zuzik (Singer/Songwriter)
Emma Back (Singer/Songwriter)
Emma G (Singer/Songwriter)
Emma Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Emma Petts (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Emma Rowley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
En Power and Light (Folk Rock)
EreYesterday (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Eric and Suzy Thompson (Americana)
Eric Bachmann (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Bettencourt (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Bolander (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Eric Brace (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Eric Dodd (Country)
Eric Eid-Reiner (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Eric Erdman (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Hutchinson (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Lambert (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Lee (Singer/Songwriter)
Eric Lindell (Acoustic Blues)
Eric Peter Schwartz (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Eric Stuart (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Indie Rock, Pop)
Eric Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Erick Baker (Singer/Songwriter)
Erik Stucky (Singer/Songwriter)
Erika Wennerstrom (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Bode (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Enderlin (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Erin Harkes (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin James (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Kirby (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Krebs (Jazz)
Erin McCarley (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin McKeown (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Rea (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Thomas (Singer/Songwriter)
Erin Zindle and The Ragbirds (Indie Rock, Pop)
Erisa Rei (Singer/Songwriter)
Ernest Troost (Folk)
Ernie Halter (Singer/Songwriter)
Ernie Hendrickson (Singer/Songwriter)
Escala (Singer/Songwriter)
Escaping Pavement (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
ESOEBO (Americana)
Esther Rose (Country, Folk)
Ethan Jano & The Hilltop Revival (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Indie Rock)
Ethan Parker (Singer/Songwriter)
Evan Alexander Moore (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Evan Murphy (Americana)
Ez n Dil (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional)
Ezra Furman (Singer/Songwriter)
Fadin' by 9 (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music)
False Hearted Lovers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Father John Misty (Singer/Songwriter)
FEATHER (Folk Rock)
Featherpocket (Americana)
Federico Aubele (Singer/Songwriter)
Fellow Pynins (Americana, Folk)
Fern's Gospel (Singer/Songwriter)
Fernando Holz (Singer/Songwriter)
Few Miles South (Country)
Fireside Collective (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Fishtank Ensemble (Singer/Songwriter)
Flagship Romance (Singer/Songwriter)
Flint & Feather (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Flo Morrisey (Singer/Songwriter)
Folk Soul Revival (Country)
Folk Uke (Singer/Songwriter)
Forest Beutel (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Forest Sun (Singer/Songwriter)
Fox and Bones (Folk Rock, Pop)
Fox N Hounds (Singer/Songwriter)
Foy Vance (Celtic)
Frances Luke Accord (Singer/Songwriter)
Frances Mooney and Fontanna Sunset (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Frank & Allie Lee (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Frankie Ballard (Country)
Frankie Boots (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Frankie Orella (Singer/Songwriter, Christian)
Frazey Ford (Singer/Songwriter)
Fred Eaglesmith (Country)
Freddy and Francine (Singer/Songwriter)
Free Range Blue (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Freebo (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock)
Friction Farm (Singer/Songwriter)
Front Country (Americana, Country, Pop)
Frontier Ruckus (Folk Rock)
Fruit Bats (Folk Rock)
Fruition (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Furnace Mountain (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
FY5 (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Gabe Baillargeon (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Gabe Dixon (Singer/Songwriter)
Gabrielle Louise (Singer/Songwriter)
Gabrielle Papillon (Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Gaby Castro (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Garland Jeffreys (Singer/Songwriter)
Garnet Rogers (Singer/Songwriter)
Garrison Starr (Singer/Songwriter)
Gary Furlow & The Loafers (Americana)
Gary Jay Hoffman (Singer/Songwriter)
Gary Jules (Singer/Songwriter)
Gary Nicholson (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Acoustic Blues)
Gary Stockdale (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Pop)
Gary Wittner (Jazz)
Gathering Time (Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Gawler Family Band (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Gene and Gayla Mills (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Genevieve (Singer/Songwriter)
Genna and Jesse (Singer/Songwriter)
Genticorum (Celtic)
Geoff Muldaur (Singer/Songwriter)
Geoffrey Castle (Singer/Songwriter)
George Colligan (Jazz)
George Ensle (Singer/Songwriter)
George Woods (Singer/Songwriter)
Georgia Middleman (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Georgie Jessup (Folk Rock)
Geraldine (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Gerry O'Beirne (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Other Folk/Traditional)
Gia Margaret (Singer/Songwriter)
Giant Zero (Singer/Songwriter)
Gibson Wilbanks (Singer/Songwriter)
Gillian Grogan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Gillian Welch (Singer/Songwriter)
Gina Forsyth (Singer/Songwriter)
Gina Sicilia (Acoustic Blues)
Gina Sobel (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Jazz)
Ginger Cowgirl (Country)
Ginger Coyle (Singer/Songwriter)
Gipsy Moon (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Giri & Uma Peters (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Giulia Millanta (Singer/Songwriter)
Gleewood (Folk Rock)
Glen Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Glen Phillips (Singer/Songwriter)
goatFISH (Singer/Songwriter)
Golden Bough (Celtic)
GoldenOak (Americana, Folk)
Good Old War (Folk Rock)
Goodnight Moonshine (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk Rock)
Gordie Sampson (Singer/Songwriter)
Grace Askew (Country)
Grace Basement (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Instrumental, Electric Blues, Rockabilly, Folk Rock, Pop)
Grace Milton (Singer/Songwriter)
Grace Morrison (Singer/Songwriter)
Grace Pettis (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Grace Potter (Singer/Songwriter)
Gracia Harrison (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Gracious Me (Singer/Songwriter)
Graffiti Smile (Country, Pop)
Grant Gordy (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Jazz)
Grant Livingston (Singer/Songwriter)
Grant Maloy Smith (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk)
Grant Parker (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Grant Peeples (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Grant-Lee Phillips (Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock)
Gray Dog Down (Instrumental)
Grayson Capps (Acoustic Blues)
Great Peacock (Country)
Greater Alexander (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Reggae, Folk Rock)
Greensky Bluegrass (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Greg Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Greg Greenway (Singer/Songwriter)
Greg Holden (Singer/Songwriter)
Greg Jacquin (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Greg Klyma (Singer/Songwriter)
Greg Laswell (Singer/Songwriter)
Gregory Alan Isakov (Singer/Songwriter)
Gretchen Peters (Singer/Songwriter)
Gretchen Pleuss (Singer/Songwriter)
Greyhounds (Folk Rock)
Griffin House (Singer/Songwriter)
Griffin Sinclair (Singer/Songwriter)
Guitar Shorty (Acoustic Blues)
Gurf Morlix (Singer/Songwriter)
Gus La Casse (Folk)
Gus Moon (Singer/Songwriter)
Gutter Swan (Americana)
Guy Davis (Acoustic Blues)
Guy Forsyth (Singer/Songwriter)
Gyan Riley (Instrumental)
Gypsy & Me (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk)
Hackensaw Boys (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Hadden Sayers (Acoustic Blues)
Hadley Kennary (Singer/Songwriter)
Hailey Fletcher (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Cowboy, Country)
Haji Basim (Other Folk/Traditional)
Hal Ketchum (Country)
Haley Dreis (Singer/Songwriter)
Haley Heynderickx (Singer/Songwriter)
Haley Reinhart (Singer/Songwriter)
Halfway to Hazard (Singer/Songwriter)
Hamilton Loomis (Acoustic Blues)
Hank Cramer (Folk)
Hank Stone (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Hank Woji (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Hannah Cooper (Singer/Songwriter)
Hannah Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Hannah Rand (Singer/Songwriter)
Hannah Thomas (Singer/Songwriter)
Hanneke Cassel (Americana)
Hans York (Singer/Songwriter)
Happy Traum (Folk)
Hardened and Tempered (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Harmonia (Folk, World Music, Instrumental)
Harmonious Wail (Gypsy Jazz)
Harold Hensley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Harold Holloway and Company (Soul/Gospel)
Harpeth Rising (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Harry Odonoghue (Singer/Songwriter)
Harvey Leona (Singer/Songwriter)
Hayes Carll (Singer/Songwriter)
Hayley Fahey (Singer/Songwriter)
Hayley Reardon (Singer/Songwriter)
Hayley Sabella (Singer/Songwriter)
Heart Hunters (Americana)
Heart Society (Folk Rock)
Heather Aubrey Lloyd (Singer/Songwriter)
Heather Luttrell (Americana)
Heather Mae (Folk Rock)
Heather Maloney (Singer/Songwriter)
Heather Masse (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Jazz)
Heather Pierson - Musical Meditations (Instrumental)
Heather Pierson Trio (Americana)
Heather Styka (Singer/Songwriter)
Heather Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Heather Woods Broderick (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Heatherly (Singer/Songwriter)
Heidi Burson (Folk Rock)
Hemmingbirds (Folk Rock)
Henry Jamison (Singer/Songwriter)
Her Crooked Heart (Singer/Songwriter)
Hera Lynn (Singer/Songwriter)
Hesh Meister (The Hesh Inc.) (Singer/Songwriter)
Hidden Highways (Singer/Songwriter)
Highway Sisters (Country)
Hilton Park (Americana, Folk)
Hiroya Tsukamoto (Folk, World Music, Jazz)
Hogan and Moss (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Hogslop String Band (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Hollis Peach (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Hollow Turtle (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Holly Near (Singer/Songwriter)
Holly Spears (Singer/Songwriter)
Honey Magpie (Americana)
Honey of the Heart (Folk Rock, Pop)
Honey Whiskey Trio (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
HoneyHoney (Singer/Songwriter)
Honeyhouse (Americana)
Honeywise (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Honor By August (Singer/Songwriter)
Hot Club of Cowtown (Folk Rock)
Hot Fiddle (Instrumental, Jazz, Classical)
House of Hamill (Celtic)
Howie Day (Singer/Songwriter)
Howie Newman (Singer/Songwriter)
Hughes Taylor (Acoustic Blues)
Humming House (Folk Rock)
Hungrytown (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Hurray for the Riff Raff (Folk Rock)
Hussy Hicks (Singer/Songwriter)
Hymn for Her (Americana)
I'm With Her (Americana)
Ian Ethan Case (Instrumental)
Ian Faquini (Latin, Jazz)
Ian Fitzgerald (Americana)
Ian Flanigan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Ian Foster (Singer/Songwriter)
Ian Haas and the Bee Whisperers (Folk Rock)
Ian McFeron (Singer/Songwriter)
Ian Noe (Singer/Songwriter)
If Birds Could Fly (Singer/Songwriter)
Ilyaimy (Folk Rock)
India Ramey (Country)
Ingram Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Ingrid Michaelson (Singer/Songwriter)
Ira Wolf (Singer/Songwriter)
Irene Kelley (Country)
Iris DeMent (Singer/Songwriter)
Irish Mythen (Singer/Songwriter)
Iron and Wine (Singer/Songwriter)
Isabel Taylor (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Izaak Opatz (Singer/Songwriter)
J.P. Cormier (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
J.P. Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
J.S. Ondara (Folk Rock)
Jack Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Jack Gladstone (Americana, Folk)
Jack Kerowax (Americana)
Jack Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Jackie Bristow (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Jackie Greene (Singer/Songwriter)
Jackie Morris (Singer/Songwriter)
Jackie Tice (Singer/Songwriter)
Jackie Venson (Electric Blues, Folk Rock, Pop)
Jackson Howard (Singer/Songwriter)
Jacob Beck (Singer/Songwriter)
Jacob Johnson (Singer/Songwriter)
Jacob Little and the Little Family Band (Folk Rock)
Jade Hendrix (Singer/Songwriter)
Jade Zabric (Singer/Songwriter)
Jaimee Harris (Singer/Songwriter)
Jake Allen (Singer/Songwriter)
Jake Coco (Singer/Songwriter)
Jake Etheridge (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Jake Larson (Singer/Songwriter)
Jake Perrone (Singer/Songwriter)
Jake Speed (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Ragtime)
Jalan Crossland (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jalessa Cade (Soul/Gospel)
James Casto (Singer/Songwriter)
James Hersch (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Instrumental)
James Hurley (Singer/Songwriter)
James Keelaghan (Singer/Songwriter)
James Lee Baker (Singer/Songwriter)
James Lee Stanley (Singer/Songwriter)
James Maddock (Singer/Songwriter)
James McMurtry (Singer/Songwriter)
James Otto (Country)
James R Rinck (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk)
James VanDeuson (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Jameson Elder (Singer/Songwriter)
Jamey Hampton (Folk Rock)
Jamie Kent (Singer/Songwriter)
Jamie Lin Wilson (Country)
Jamie Richards (Singer/Songwriter)
Jamie Saylor (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Cajun & Creole, Rockabilly)
Jan Seides (Singer/Songwriter)
Jan Spencer (Singer/Songwriter)
Jane Kramer (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Janet Robin (Singer/Songwriter)
Janie Barnett (Singer/Songwriter)
Janne Henshaw (Country)
January Duo (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jared & Amber (Singer/Songwriter)
Jared Rabin (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Jasmine Bailey (Singer/Songwriter)
Jason Eady (Country)
Jason Gisser (Singer/Songwriter)
Jason Isbell (Singer/Songwriter)
Jason Masi (Singer/Songwriter)
Jason Myles Goss (Singer/Songwriter)
Jason Wilber (Singer/Songwriter)
Jaspar Lepak (Singer/Songwriter)
Jay Brannan (Singer/Songwriter)
Jay Byrd (Singer/Songwriter)
Jay Farrar (Singer/Songwriter)
Jay Nash (Singer/Songwriter)
Jay Unger and Molly Mason (Singer/Songwriter)
Jaymay (Singer/Songwriter)
Jayme Dee (Singer/Songwriter)
Jayna Jennings (Singer/Songwriter, Christian)
Jayron Weaver (Country)
JD Eicher (Singer/Songwriter)
Jean Caffeine (Folk Rock)
Jeanette Williams (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jeanie Marie (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeanne Jolly (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeanne Kuhns (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeanne Marie Boes (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeannine Higgins (Singer/Songwriter)
Jed Wilson (Americana, Latin, Instrumental, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime, Soul/Gospel, Classical)
Jeff Black (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Brinkman (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Lane (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Jeff LeBlanc (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Plankenhorn (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Przech (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Rymes (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeff Scroggins (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jeff Smith (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop)
Jeff Varga (Singer/Songwriter)
Jefferson Hamer (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jefferson Ross (Folk)
Jeffery Straker (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeffrey Foucault (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers (Singer/Songwriter)
Jemaine Jackson (Singer/Songwriter)
Jen Ambrose (Singer/Songwriter)
Jen Cork (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Jazz)
Jen Foster (Singer/Songwriter)
Jen Hajj (Singer/Songwriter)
Jen Lowe (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeneen Terrana (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeni Hankins (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Jenie Thai (Acoustic Blues)
Jenifer Jackson (Folk)
Jenn Bostic (Country)
Jenn Franklin (Singer/Songwriter)
Jenn Grinels (Singer/Songwriter)
Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm (Singer/Songwriter)
Jenni Alpert (Singer/Songwriter)
Jenni Dale Lord (Country)
Jenni Lyn (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jennifer Daniels (Singer/Songwriter)
Jennifer Kimball (Singer/Songwriter)
Jennifer Knapp (Christian)
Jennifer Lynn Simpson (Country)
Jennifer Matthews (Folk Rock)
Jennings and Keller (Americana)
Jenny & Tyler (Singer/Songwriter)
Jenny Parrott (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeremiah and the Red Eyes (Americana)
Jeremiah Birnbaum (Singer/Songwriter)
Jeremy Cooney (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Jeremy Enigk (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Pop)
Jeremy Lyons (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jeremy McComb (Country)
Jerry Douglas (Instrumental)
Jerry Joseph (Singer/Songwriter)
Jerry Salley (Country)
Jesca Hoop (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesh Yancey (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Jesi Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Jess Clinton (Singer/Songwriter)
Jess Klein (Singer/Songwriter)
Jess Ray (Singer/Songwriter)
Jess Wayne (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Jess Williamson (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Aycock (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Daniel Edwards (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Dayton (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Dee (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Harris (Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Jazz)
Jesse Maclaine (Pop)
Jesse Rice (Country)
Jesse Ruben (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Jesse Terry (Singer/Songwriter)
Jesse Williams (Electric Blues)
Jessica Campbell (Singer/Songwriter)
Jessica Haffner (Singer/Songwriter)
Jessica Lea Mayfield (Singer/Songwriter)
Jessica Lynn (Country)
Jessica Lynne (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Jessica Pratt (Singer/Songwriter)
Jiggley Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Jill Andrews (Singer/Songwriter)
Jill Jack (Singer/Songwriter)
Jill Knight (Singer/Songwriter)
Jill Sobule (Singer/Songwriter)
Jillette Johnson (Singer/Songwriter)
Jillian Rae (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Avett (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Christian)
Jim Bizer (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Callahan (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Carr (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Jim Henry (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Jim Kweskin (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Jug Band, Folk)
Jim Lauderdale (Country)
Jim LeBlanc (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Lord (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Jim Matus (Instrumental)
Jim Paradis (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Parker (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Jim Pellinger (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Skewes (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Jazz, Classical)
Jim Suhler (Acoustic Blues)
Jim White (Singer/Songwriter)
Jim Young (Singer/Songwriter, Cowboy)
Jimmie Dale Gilmore (Country)
Jimmy Daddy Davis (Singer/Songwriter)
Jimmy Ryan (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jimmy Thackery (Acoustic Blues)
JL Fulks (Singer/Songwriter)
Joan and Joni (Singer/Songwriter)
Joan Shelley (Singer/Songwriter)
JoAnn and Monte (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, World Music, Acoustic Blues, Rockabilly, Folk Rock, Pop, Jazz)
Joanna Tomassoni (Singer/Songwriter)
Joanne Rand (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Cat (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Craven (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Joe Crookston (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Firstman (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Flood (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Goodkin (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Holt (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Iadanza (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
Joe Jencks (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Marson (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe McGuinness (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Newberry (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Penland (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Joe Pug (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Purdy (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Rohan (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Stanton (Singer/Songwriter)
Joe Young (Singer/Songwriter)
Joel Cage (Singer/Songwriter)
Joel Curtis (Singer/Songwriter)
Joel Mabus (Folk)
Joel Rafael (Folk)
Joey English (Singer/Songwriter)
Joey Harkum (Singer/Songwriter)
John and Rachel Nicholas (Folk)
John Batdorf (Singer/Songwriter)
John Bergstrom (Singer/Songwriter)
John Berry (Country)
John Bradley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop)
John Brannen (Singer/Songwriter)
John Bullard (Instrumental)
John Byrne (Celtic)
John Calvin Abney (Singer/Songwriter)
John Cowan (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
John Craigie (Singer/Songwriter)
John Dennie (Singer/Songwriter)
John Eddie (Country)
John Elliott (Singer/Songwriter)
John Emil (Acoustic Blues)
John Fannell (Singer/Songwriter)
John Flynn (Singer/Songwriter)
John Gorka (Singer/Songwriter)
John Heart Jackie (Singer/Songwriter)
John King (Country)
John McCutcheon (Folk)
John Mock (Singer/Songwriter)
John Moreland (Singer/Songwriter)
John Neilson (Singer/Songwriter)
John Nemeth (Acoustic Blues)
John Nilsen (Singer/Songwriter)
John Paul White (Singer/Songwriter)
John Sanger (Americana, Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
John Sebastian (Singer/Songwriter)
John Sonntag (Singer/Songwriter)
John Stockdale (Singer/Songwriter)
John Till (Singer/Songwriter)
John Tracy (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk)
Johnathan Rice (Singer/Songwriter)
Johnny & Heidi (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Pop)
Johnny B. Connolly (Celtic, Instrumental)
Johnny Cooper (Singer/Songwriter)
Johnny Dango (Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Johnny G (Singer/Songwriter)
Johnny Hayes (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Johnsmith (Singer/Songwriter)
Jolie Holland (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Carroll (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Dee Graham (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Mullins (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Semmes (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Shain (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Jon Stickley Trio (Folk Rock)
Jon Svetkey (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Troast (Singer/Songwriter)
Jon Whitlock (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonah Smith (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonatha Brooke (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonathan Byrd (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonathan Coulton (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonathan Edwards (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonathan Fleig (Singer/Songwriter)
Jonathan Richman (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Joni Harms Trio (Singer/Songwriter, Cowboy)
Jontavious Willis (Acoustic Blues)
Jordan Mackampa (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Pop)
Jordan McDougal (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Jordi Baizan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Jordy Searcy (Singer/Songwriter)
Jose Gonzalez (Singer/Songwriter)
Joseph Allen White (Singer/Songwriter)
Joseph Arthur (Singer/Songwriter)
Joseph Eid (Singer/Songwriter)
Josephine County (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Josh Cohen (Instrumental, Jazz, Soul/Gospel, Classical)
Josh Garrels (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Gray (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Grider (Country)
Josh Harty (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Krajcik (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Morningstar (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Preston (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Ritter (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Rouse (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua Black Wilkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua Davis (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua Garcia (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua Hyslop (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua James (Singer/Songwriter)
Joshua Radin (Singer/Songwriter)
Joy Ike (Singer/Songwriter)
Joy Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Joy Zimmerman (Singer/Songwriter)
JP Summertime (Folk Rock)
Jude Johnstone (Singer/Songwriter)
Judith Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Julia Barry (Singer/Songwriter)
Juliana Finch (Singer/Songwriter)
Julianne Ankley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk)
Julie Clark Shubert (Singer/Songwriter)
Julie Gribble (Americana)
Julie Jean White (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk)
Julie McCloud (Singer/Songwriter)
Juliet Piper (Singer/Songwriter)
Juni Fisher (Singer/Songwriter)
Just Be-Cause (Singer/Songwriter)
Just So (Singer/Songwriter)
Just Us Bluegrass Band (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Justin Branam (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Cross (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Farren (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Gambino (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Mychals (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk)
Justin Nozuka (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Sams (Americana)
Justin Tipton (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Justin Townes Earle (Singer/Songwriter)
Justin Trawick (Singer/Songwriter)
Justina Shandler (Singer/Songwriter)
K. C. Clifford (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Kacey Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Kade Puckett (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Kaia Kater (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Kailey Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Kaki King (Instrumental)
Kala Farnham (Singer/Songwriter)
Kalon Hart (Singer/Songwriter)
Kara Claudy (Singer/Songwriter)
Karan Casey (Celtic)
Karan Casey Trio (Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional)
Karen Ashbrook (Celtic)
Karen E. Reynolds (Singer/Songwriter)
Karen Jonas (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Karen Mal (Singer/Songwriter)
Karen Waldrup (Country)
Kari Arnett (Singer/Songwriter)
Karla Bonoff (Singer/Songwriter)
Karla Davis (Singer/Songwriter)
Karyn Ann (Singer/Songwriter)
Karyn Oliver (Singer/Songwriter)
Kasey Chambers (Singer/Songwriter)
Kat Edmonson (Jazz)
Kat Reinhert (Singer/Songwriter, Other Folk/Traditional, Jazz)
Kate and Corey (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Cameron (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Campbell (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Coleman (Country)
Kate Lee and Forrest O'Connor (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Kate Macleod (Folk)
Kate Mills (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Tucker (Singer/Songwriter)
Kate Vargas (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Katelynn Corll (Singer/Songwriter)
Katey Laurel (Singer/Songwriter)
Katha Harris (Singer/Songwriter)
Katherine Rondeau (Singer/Songwriter)
Kathleen Edwards (Singer/Songwriter)
Kathryn Rose Wood (Singer/Songwriter)
Kathy Kallick (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Kathy Mattea (Country)
Kathy Muir (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Basden (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Buxton (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Cole (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Dahl (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Katie Fisher (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Frassinelli (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Herzig (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Kuffel (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Lynn Lahue (Singer/Songwriter)
Katie Sachs (Singer/Songwriter)
Kaycie Satterfield (Singer/Songwriter)
Kayleigh Goldsworthy (Singer/Songwriter)
Keaton Herzer (Singer/Songwriter)
Keaton Simons (Singer/Songwriter)
Keb Mo (Acoustic Blues)
Keegan McClellan (Singer/Songwriter)
Keith Franklin (Singer/Songwriter)
Keith Gattis (Singer/Songwriter)
Keith Greeninger (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelcy Mae (Americana)
Kelley McRae (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelley Mickwee (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelli Johnson (Country)
Kellie Parr (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly and Ellis (Americana)
Kelly Augustine (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly Hunt (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly Jarrard (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly McFarling (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly Ravin (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly Riley (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelly Willis (Country)
Kelmarie (Singer/Songwriter)
Kelsey Steele (Country)
Kemp Harris Acoustic Trio (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop)
Ken Gaines (Singer/Songwriter)
Ken Krupnik (Singer/Songwriter)
Ken Mellons (Country)
Ken O'Malley (Singer/Songwriter)
Ken Stringfellow (Singer/Songwriter)
Ken Tuccillo (Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock)
Ken Yates (Singer/Songwriter)
Kendl Winter (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Kendra McKinley (Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Jazz)
Kenny White (Singer/Songwriter)
Keri Noble (Singer/Songwriter)
Kern (Celtic)
Kerri Powers (Singer/Songwriter)
Kerry Grombacher (Folk)
Kerry Kearney (Acoustic Blues)
Kerry Patrick Clark (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Bales Trio (Instrumental)
Kevin Buckley (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime)
Kevin Burt (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues)
Kevin Daniel (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Devine (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Galloway (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Garrett (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Gordon (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Heider (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Neidig (Folk Rock)
Kevin Paris (Singer/Songwriter)
Kevin Selfe (Acoustic Blues)
Kevin Stokley (Country)
Kevin Welch (Country)
Kieran Kane & Rayna Gellert (Americana, Folk)
Kiernan McMullan (Singer/Songwriter)
Kiki Ebsen (Singer/Songwriter)
Kiley Evans (Singer/Songwriter)
Killarney Star (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Folk Rock, Pop)
Kim Beggs (Folk)
Kim Edwards (Singer/Songwriter)
Kim Jennings (Singer/Songwriter)
Kim Moberg (Singer/Songwriter)
Kim Richardson (Singer/Songwriter)
Kim Richey (Singer/Songwriter)
Kim Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Kimayo (Singer/Songwriter)
Kimberly Kelly (Country)
Kipyn Martin (Singer/Songwriter)
Kira Hooks (Jazz)
Kira Small (Acoustic Blues)
Kirsten Maxwell (Singer/Songwriter)
Kiya Heartwood (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
KlapaDooWopella (World Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Kora Feder (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Korby Lenker (Singer/Songwriter)
Kray Van Kirk (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Celtic)
Kris Allen (Singer/Songwriter)
Kris Delmhorst (Singer/Songwriter)
Kris Youmans (Americana)
Krista Baroni (Singer/Songwriter)
Krista Detor (Singer/Songwriter)
Krista Johnson (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristen Graves (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristen Kelly (Country)
Kristin Andreassen (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristin Center (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristin Diable (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristin Hersh (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristin Rebecca (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristina Jacobsen (Country)
Kristina Murray (Americana, Country)
Kristina Priceman (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristine Jackson (Singer/Songwriter)
Kristy Jackson (Singer/Songwriter)
Krizta Moon (Singer/Songwriter)
Kruger Brothers (Instrumental)
Krysta Nick (Singer/Songwriter)
Kurt Fortmeyer (Americana)
Kurt Stevens (Singer/Songwriter)
Kurt Vile (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Carey (Folk)
Kyle Donovan (Folk)
Kyle Hancharick (Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Kyle Higgins (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Hutton (Country)
Kyle James Hauser (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Kimbrell (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Nachtigal (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Oollah (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Kyle Redd (Country)
Kyle Sherman (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Walz (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyle Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Kylie Odetta (Singer/Songwriter)
Kylie Rae Harris (Singer/Songwriter)
Kyshona Armstrong (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
L'Angelus (Singer/Songwriter)
La Cocodrila (Latin, Jazz)
Lacie Carpenter (Americana)
Lacy Green (Singer/Songwriter)
Lady & West (Singer/Songwriter)
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (Singer/Songwriter)
Lang Termes (Singer/Songwriter)
Langhorne Slim (Singer/Songwriter)
Lari White (Country)
Lark Rize (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Larkin Grimm (Singer/Songwriter)
Larry Allen Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Larry and Leslie Latour (Singer/Songwriter)
Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams (Americana, Folk Rock)
Larry Kaplan (Singer/Songwriter)
Larry Keel (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Last Acre (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Late for the Train (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lateral Blue (Acoustic Blues)
Laura Boosinger (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Laura Cortese (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Coyle and Trey Wright (Jazz)
Laura Dowding (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Gibson (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Hayes (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Joy (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Marie (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura McGhee (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Rabell (Singer/Songwriter)
Laura Story (Christian)
Laura Thurston (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Laura Zucker (Singer/Songwriter)
Lauren Anderson (Folk Rock)
Lauren Balthrop (Singer/Songwriter)
Lauren Fox (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Lauren Lapointe (Singer/Songwriter)
Lauren Light (Singer/Songwriter)
Lauren Marsh (Singer/Songwriter)
Lauren Sheehan (Folk)
Lauren Shera (Singer/Songwriter)
Laurence Juber (Singer/Songwriter)
Laurie Lewis (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Laurie McClain (Singer/Songwriter)
Lazer Lloyd (Singer/Songwriter)
Leah Kaufman (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Lee DeWyze (Singer/Songwriter)
Leftover Cuties (Folk Rock)
Legends of the Celtic Harp (Celtic)
Lehto and Wright (Celtic)
Leigh Nash (Singer/Songwriter)
Lelica (Folk Rock)
Lena Stein (Singer/Songwriter)
Lenny Lashley (Singer/Songwriter)
Leon Bridges (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Leon Rector (Singer/Songwriter)
Lera Lynn (Singer/Songwriter)
Les Sampou (Country, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Lesley Barth (Singer/Songwriter)
Leslie Evers (Singer/Songwriter)
Letitia VanSant (Singer/Songwriter)
Letters to Abigail (Americana)
Levi Lowrey (Singer/Songwriter)
Lew Card (Singer/Songwriter)
Leyla McCalla (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Liana Gabel (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Pop)
Libby Koch (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Lillian Soderman (Singer/Songwriter)
Lilly Hiatt (Singer/Songwriter)
Lincoln Durham (Folk Rock)
Linda Faye Carson (Singer/Songwriter)
Linda MacLean (Singer/Songwriter)
Linda Sharar (Singer/Songwriter)
Lindsay Beth Harper (Americana, Country)
Lindsay Foote (Singer/Songwriter)
Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lindsay White (Singer/Songwriter)
Lindsey Hinkle (Singer/Songwriter)
Lipbone Redding (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, World Music)
Lisa Bastoni (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Biales (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Brigantino (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Cowboy, Folk, Folk Rock, Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime)
Lisa Chamberlain (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Hillary (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Loeb (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter (Celtic)
Lisa Mills (Acoustic Blues)
Lisa Morales (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Ornstein & Dan Compton (Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional)
Lisa Richards (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Lisa Sanders (Singer/Songwriter)
Lisa Swerdlow (Instrumental)
Lissa Schneckenburger (Folk)
Lissie (Singer/Songwriter)
Little Fawn (Singer/Songwriter)
Little G Weevil (Singer/Songwriter)
Liv Lombardi (Singer/Songwriter)
Livingston Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Livy Conner (Singer/Songwriter)
Liz Brasher (Americana)
Liz Cooper & The Stampede (Folk Rock)
Liz Longley (Singer/Songwriter)
Liz Vice (Soul/Gospel)
Liza Anne (Singer/Songwriter)
Lizanne Knott (Singer/Songwriter)
Lizi Bailey (Singer/Songwriter)
Locust Honey (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lon Eldridge (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Long run Road (Singer/Songwriter)
Lonnie Holley (Folk Rock)
Look Homeward (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lore Constantine (Singer/Songwriter)
Loren Benjamin (Singer/Songwriter)
Loretta Hagen (Singer/Songwriter)
Lori Brigantino (Singer/Songwriter)
Lori McKenna (Singer/Songwriter)
Lorin Rowan (Singer/Songwriter)
Lorrie Morgan (Country)
Lost Hollow (Americana)
Lou Shields (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Louis Apollon (Singer/Songwriter)
Louisa Branscomb (Singer/Songwriter)
Louise Mosrie (Singer/Songwriter)
Love Canon (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lovers Leap (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Low Lily (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lowland Hum (Singer/Songwriter)
Luba Dvorak (Singer/Songwriter)
Lucette (Singer/Songwriter)
Lucinda Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Lucky Lenny (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lucy Isabel (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Lucy Kaplansky (Singer/Songwriter)
Lucy Wainwright Roche (Singer/Songwriter)
Lucy Woodward (Singer/Songwriter)
Lui Collins (Folk)
Luis Oliart (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Bulla (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Luke DeRoy (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Elliot (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Redfield (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Wade (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Wilmoth (Singer/Songwriter)
Luke Winslow-King (Singer/Songwriter)
Lula Wiles (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Luray (Folk Rock)
Lyal Strickland (Singer/Songwriter)
Lydia Manuel (Singer/Songwriter)
Lydia Sylvia Martin (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Lyn Koonce/Lyn Koonce& Friends (Americana, Folk)
Lynn Drury (Americana)
Lynn Hollyfield (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Lynn Manderson (Singer/Songwriter)
Lynn Miles (Singer/Songwriter)
Lynn Taylor (Americana)
Lynne Clarke (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Reggae, Folk Rock, Pop, Christian, Soul/Gospel)
M. Ward (Singer/Songwriter)
Maame Danso (Singer/Songwriter)
Mackenzie Shivers (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Celtic, Folk Rock, Pop)
Madeleine Peyroux (Singer/Songwriter)
Madison Lewis (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Acoustic Blues)
Madison Violet (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Magda Hiller (Singer/Songwriter)
Maggie Chapman (Singer/Songwriter)
Maggie Koerner (Singer/Songwriter)
Maia Sharp (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Maiah Wynne (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Malcolm Holcombe (Singer/Songwriter)
Malynda Hale (Singer/Songwriter)
Mamma's Marmalade (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Mando Mafia (Bluegrass & Roots Music, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Mando Saenz (Singer/Songwriter)
Mandolin Orange (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
mantramatic (World Music)
Mara Levine (Folk)
Marc Atkinson (Instrumental)
Marc Benno (Acoustic Blues)
Marc Berger (Singer/Songwriter)
Marc Black (Singer/Songwriter)
Marc Broussard (Singer/Songwriter)
Marc Maynon (Singer/Songwriter)
Marce (Singer/Songwriter)
Marcel and Nakos (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Marcia Ball (Acoustic Blues)
Marcia Ramirez (Singer/Songwriter)
Mare Wakefield (Singer/Songwriter)
Maren Morris (Country)
Mari Black (Celtic)
Maria Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Marian Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Mariana Bell (Folk Rock)
Mariano Di Gabriele (Singer/Songwriter)
Marie Chabot (Singer/Songwriter)
Marie Miller (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Christian)
Mariee Sioux (Singer/Songwriter)
Marina Evans (Country)
Marissa Nadler (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark and Cindy Lemaire (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Buerschaper (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Croft (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Dvorak (Folk)
Mark Edgar Stuart (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Erelli (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Lavengood (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Mark Nomad (Acoustic Blues)
Mark O'Connor (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Mark Olson (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Stepakoff (Singer/Songwriter)
Mark Stuart (Singer/Songwriter)
Marleys Ghost (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Martha Christian (Christian)
Martha Gallagher (Singer/Songwriter)
Marthas Trouble (Folk Rock)
Martin Harley (Singer/Songwriter)
Martin Koop (Singer/Songwriter)
Martin Sexton (Singer/Songwriter)
Martin Zellar (Country)
Martini Garden (Singer/Songwriter)
Martyn Joseph (Singer/Songwriter)
Marv Hamilton (Singer/Songwriter)
Marvin Latta (Christian)
Mary Bragg (Singer/Songwriter)
Mary Fahl (Singer/Songwriter)
Mary Flower (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
Mary Flower and the BBQ Boys (Jug Band, Acoustic Blues, Jazz)
Mary Gauthier (Singer/Songwriter)
Mary Scholz (Singer/Songwriter)
Mary Sue Englund (Folk)
Mary Wood (Singer/Songwriter)
Maryanna Devlin (Singer/Songwriter)
Mason di Emperor (Other Folk/Traditional)
Mason Jennings (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Bednarsky (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Borrello (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Brown (Folk Rock)
Matt Butler (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Matt Carleton (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Costa (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Dellecker (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Duke (Folk Rock)
Matt Hires (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Kennon (Country)
Matt King (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Martino (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Nakoa (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Nathanson (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Pond PA (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Roach (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Shockley (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Szlachetka (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt the Electrician (Folk Rock)
Matt Venuti (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Watroba (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Wertz (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Wheeler (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt White (Singer/Songwriter)
Matt Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Byrne (Folk)
Matthew Clark (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Fowler (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Heller (Folk Rock)
Matthew Logan Vasquez (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Mayfield (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Pendrick (Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Matthew Perryman Jones (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Rineer (Singer/Songwriter)
Matthew Ryan (Folk Rock)
Matthew Sabatella (Folk)
Mavis Staples (Acoustic Blues)
Max Gomez (Singer/Songwriter)
Max Hatt / Edda Glass (Jazz)
Max Minardi (Singer/Songwriter)
Max Stalling (Country)
Maxwell Hughes (Singer/Songwriter)
May Erlewine (Singer/Songwriter)
Maybe April (Folk Rock)
Mayday Radio (Singer/Songwriter)
McKasson, McDonald, McLane (Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
McLeod Nine (Americana, Folk, Celtic, Cajun & Creole, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional, Gypsy Jazz)
Mean Mary (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Medicinal Purposes (Americana)
Meet The Seavers (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, World Music, Jazz)
Meg Hutchinson (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Burtt (Folk Rock, Pop)
Megan Flechaus (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Fowler (Country)
Megan Jean and the KFB (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Katarina (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Luttrell (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Megan Palmer (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Reilly (Singer/Songwriter)
Megan Slankard (Singer/Songwriter)
Meghan Cary (Singer/Songwriter)
Mel (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Mel Parsons (Singer/Songwriter)
Melanie Rose Dyer (Folk Rock)
Melissa Crispo (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Melissa Ferrick (Singer/Songwriter)
Melissa Greener (Singer/Songwriter)
Melissa Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Melissa Polinar (Singer/Songwriter)
Melody Guy (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Men of Worth (Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional)
Mercy Bell (Singer/Songwriter)
Meredith Axelrod (Folk)
Meredith Rae Woodard (Singer/Songwriter)
Mia And Jonah (Singer/Songwriter)
Mia Borders (Singer/Songwriter)
Mia Green (Singer/Songwriter)
Mia Rose Lynne (Singer/Songwriter)
Mic Harrison (Folk Rock)
Mica Ipiñazar (Other Folk/Traditional)
Michael Chapdelaine (Instrumental)
Michael Clem (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Francis McCarthy (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Michael Gilbert Ronstadt (Instrumental)
Michael Glabicki (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Gulezian (Singer/Songwriter, Instrumental, Folk Rock)
Michael Hoover (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Kelsh (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Logen (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael McArthur (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael McDermott (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael McKenzie (Country)
Michael McNevin (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael O'Neal (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Peterson (Country)
Michael Reno Harrell (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Shoup (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Shynes (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Tolcher (Singer/Songwriter)
Michael Warner (Folk)
Michael Zaib (Singer/Songwriter)
Michaela Anne (Singer/Songwriter)
michaelwchapman (Folk)
Miche Fambro (Singer/Songwriter)
Michelle Lewis (Singer/Songwriter)
Michelle Lockey (Singer/Songwriter)
Michelle Malone (Singer/Songwriter)
Michigan Rattlers (Singer/Songwriter)
Mick Flannery (Singer/Songwriter, Celtic)
Mick Fury (Cowboy)
Mieka Pauley (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Agranoff (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike and Ruthy (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Beck (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Blakely (Singer/Songwriter, Cowboy, Folk)
Mike Block (Instrumental)
Mike Campbell (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Celtic)
Mike Dekle (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Doughty (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Edel (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Farris (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Franke (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Glick (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Mike Hamilton (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Hicks (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Mains (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Mitchell (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Mike Powell (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Ryan (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Shackelford (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Stocksdale (Singer/Songwriter)
Mike Vial (Singer/Songwriter)
Mikey Wax (Singer/Songwriter)
Mile Twelve (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Miles Nielsen (Singer/Songwriter)
Mindy Nolt (Singer/Songwriter)
Mindy Smith (Singer/Songwriter)
Mipso (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Misner and Smith (Singer/Songwriter)
Miss Isabella Rainsong and Her Traveling Companion (Singer/Songwriter)
Miss Tess and The Talkbacks (Folk Rock)
Miss Valeri Lopez (Singer/Songwriter)
Mississippi Jake (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Missy Andersen (Acoustic Blues)
Missy Raines (Americana)
Mitch Hayes (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore (Folk)
Molly Burch (Singer/Songwriter)
Molly Parden (Singer/Songwriter)
Molly Tuttle (Singer/Songwriter)
Molly's Revenge (Celtic)
Molsky's Mountain Drifters (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Monica & Derek (Pop, Jazz)
Monica Moser (Singer/Songwriter)
Monica Rizzio (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Monty Lane Allen (Singer/Songwriter)
Moon Mountain Ramblers (Country)
Moonfruits (Americana, Folk)
Moonlight Drive-In (Singer/Songwriter)
Moors and Mccumber (Celtic)
Morgan Bracy (Singer/Songwriter)
Morgan Johnston (Country)
Morgan Myles (Singer/Songwriter)
Morning Bear (Singer/Songwriter)
Mosa (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Mother Legacy (Folk Rock)
Mountain Heart (Folk Rock)
Mountain Holler (Singer/Songwriter)
Mountain Honey (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Mountain Soul (Singer/Songwriter)
Muddy Ruckus (Americana)
Muriel Anderson (Instrumental)
Murray Kingsley & Wicked Grin (Singer/Songwriter, Electric Blues)
Music Pilgrim Trio (Instrumental)
My Darling Clementine (Singer/Songwriter)
Mykal Allen (Singer/Songwriter)
Mystery Loves Company (Folk Rock)
Naimah (Singer/Songwriter)
Naming The Twins (Singer/Songwriter)
Nancy Beaudette (Singer/Songwriter)
Nando Duarte (Latin, Other Folk/Traditional, Jazz)
Naomi Vernon (Singer/Songwriter)
Natalie Cressman (Singer/Songwriter, Latin, Jazz)
Natalie Gelman (Singer/Songwriter)
Natalie MacMaster (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Natalie Prass (Singer/Songwriter)
Natalie Walker (Singer/Songwriter)
Nate Currin (Singer/Songwriter)
Nate Fredrick (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan & Jessie (Americana, Jazz)
Nathan Angelo (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan Bell (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan Evans Fox (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Nathan Hamilton (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan Kalish (Singer/Songwriter)
Nathan Picard (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Indie Rock)
Native Harrow (Singer/Songwriter)
Neal Katz (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
NEELY (Singer/Songwriter)
Neil Dover (Country)
Neil Gregory Johnson (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Neil Jacobs (Instrumental)
Nell Robinson (Americana, Folk)
Nellie McKay (Singer/Songwriter)
Neptune's Car (Singer/Songwriter)
Nerissa Campbell (Singer/Songwriter)
Nessa (Celtic, World Music)
Neville's Quarter (Americana, Folk)
New Language Collaborative (Jazz)
Niall Connolly (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Nicholas Altobelli (Singer/Songwriter)
Nicholas Edward Williams (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Ragtime)
Nicholas James Thomasma (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Andrew Staver (Acoustic Blues)
Nick Arkin (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick DeLeo (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Driver (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Droz (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Flora (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Gonnering (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Halsted (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Hoerrmann (Instrumental)
Nick Juno (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Nick Nace (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Russell (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Sterling (Singer/Songwriter)
Nick Waterhouse (Singer/Songwriter)
Nicola Cipriani and Brad Myrick (Instrumental)
Nicole Atkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Nikki Talley (Singer/Songwriter)
Nina Gerber (Country)
Nina Ricci (Americana, Folk)
No Fuss and Feathers (Folk Rock)
Noah Derksen (Singer/Songwriter)
Noah Gundersen (Singer/Songwriter)
Noah Guthrie (Singer/Songwriter)
Noah Lis (Singer/Songwriter)
Noah Zacharin (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Ragtime)
Noam Pikelny (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Nobody's Girl (Americana, Folk)
Noel McKay (Singer/Songwriter)
Noel Paul Stookey (Singer/Songwriter)
Non Duo (Folk Rock)
Nora Jane Struthers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Normal Fauna (Singer/Songwriter)
North Sea Gas (Celtic)
Northwest Piano Trio (Classical)
Notable Journey (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Instrumental)
Nu-Blu Bluegrass (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Occidental Gypsy (Gypsy Jazz)
Odds Bodkin (Folk)
Oh So Quiet (Singer/Songwriter)
Oh, Jeremiah (Singer/Songwriter)
Okaidja (Singer/Songwriter, World Music)
Old Sea Brigade (Singer/Songwriter)
Olds Sleeper (Americana)
Oliver West (Singer/Songwriter)
Olivia and The Mates (Singer/Songwriter, Pop)
Olivia Clarke (Singer/Songwriter)
Olivia Dvorak (Country)
Olivia Mainville & The Aquatic Troupe (Folk Rock)
Olivia Millerschin (Singer/Songwriter)
On The Trail (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Open the Door for Three (Celtic)
Ordinary Elephant (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Oregon Renaissance Band (Classical)
Oscar Butler (Singer/Songwriter)
Oshima Brothers (Americana)
Otter Creek (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Out of the Rain (Singer/Songwriter)
Over the Rhine (Singer/Songwriter)
Owen Danoff (Singer/Songwriter)
Owen Temple (Country)
Paddy Mills (Singer/Songwriter)
Palmer T Lee (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Pam Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Pamela Machala (Singer/Songwriter)
Pamela Means (Singer/Songwriter)
Pan Morigan (Jazz)
Paper Wings (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Pappy with a Hatchet (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Cowboy, Country, Folk, Celtic, Maritime/Sea Shanties, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz)
Parker Ainsworth (Singer/Songwriter, Cowboy)
Parker Hu (Singer/Songwriter)
Parker Millsap (Singer/Songwriter)
Parks McIntosh (Singer/Songwriter)
Parsonsfield (Folk Rock)
Passerine (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Pat Byrne (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Pat Donohue (Singer/Songwriter)
Pat McCurdy (Singer/Songwriter)
Pat McGee (Singer/Songwriter)
Pat Wictor (Folk)
Patrice Webb (Singer/Songwriter)
Patrick Coman (Singer/Songwriter)
Patrick Conway (Singer/Songwriter)
Patrick Davis (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Patrick Nielander (World Music)
Patrick Park (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Patrick Sampson (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Patrick Sweany (Acoustic Blues)
Patti Witten (Singer/Songwriter)
Patty and Craig (Singer/Songwriter)
Patty Larkin (Folk Rock)
Paul Cauthen (Country)
Paul Demer (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul James Berry (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Melancon (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Phillips (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Sanchez (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Sforza (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Silva (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Paul Sottnik (Jazz)
Paul Sprawl (Singer/Songwriter)
Paul Thorn (Singer/Songwriter)
Peaceful Sorrow Band (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Pearson Perry (Singer/Songwriter)
Penny and Sparrow (Singer/Songwriter)
Penny Rae (Singer/Songwriter)
Peppino D'Agostino (Instrumental)
Peregrine Road (Instrumental)
Peregrino (Folk Rock)
Pete Donnelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Pete Kronowitt (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Pete Sutherland (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Peter Biedermann (Instrumental)
Peter Bradley Adams (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Case (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Cooper (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Holsapple (Pop)
Peter Janson (Instrumental)
Peter Joseph (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Knight (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Mayer (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Mayer (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Mulvey (Singer/Songwriter)
Peter Yarrow (Singer/Songwriter)
Phil Heywood (Singer/Songwriter)
Phil Madeira (Instrumental)
Phil Wiggins (Acoustic Blues)
Philip Wesley (Singer/Songwriter)
Phina Pipia (Singer/Songwriter)
Phoebe Bridgers (Singer/Songwriter)
Phoebe Hunt (Americana)
Phoenix (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Cowboy, Jug Band, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Rockabilly, Soul/Gospel)
Phoenix Jordan (Singer/Songwriter)
Pickxen (Americana)
Pierce Pettis (Singer/Songwriter)
Pierre Bensusan (World Music, Instrumental)
Pieta Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Piper and Carson (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Planes On Paper (Singer/Songwriter)
Pocket Vinyl (Folk Rock)
Porter and Sayles (Folk Rock)
Prester John (Singer/Songwriter)
Pretty Gritty (Singer/Songwriter)
Priscilla Ahn (Singer/Songwriter)
Pristine Raeign (Pop)
Probably Whiskey (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock)
Professor Doug Bell (Singer/Songwriter)
Province of Thieves (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Folk Rock)
Punch Brothers (Folk Rock)
Pushing Chain (Americana, Country, Folk)
Qiet (Folk Rock)
Qristina and Quinn Bachand (Celtic)
Quebe Sisters (Folk Rock)
Quiles & Cloud (Singer/Songwriter)
Quinn Sullivan (Acoustic Blues)
Rabiosa (Other Folk/Traditional)
Rachael Kilgour (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachael Sage (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachael Yamagata (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Austin (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Baiman (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Brooke (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Harvey Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Marie (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel McGoye (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Rose (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Troublefield Nelson (Singer/Songwriter)
Rachel Yeatts and the Blue GrassFire (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Radim Zenkl (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Radney Foster (Country)
Radoslav Lorkovic (Other Folk/Traditional)
Raelyn Nelson (Country)
Raging Brass (World Music)
Rags Rosenberg (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Raiford Starke (Singer/Songwriter)
Railroad Earth (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Raina Rose (Singer/Songwriter)
Ramaya Soskin (Singer/Songwriter)
Randall Bramblett (Singer/Songwriter)
Randy Lewis Brown (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Randy Niles (Singer/Songwriter)
Randy Palmer (Singer/Songwriter)
Randy Porter (Jazz)
Rani Arbo (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Raoul Chazez (Singer/Songwriter)
RAQIA (Folk, World Music, Instrumental, Jazz, Classical)
Rascal Martinez (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Rasha Jay (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Indie Rock)
Ray Bierl (Cowboy, Folk)
Ray Bonneville (Acoustic Blues)
Ray Lambiase (Singer/Songwriter)
Ray Tarantino (Singer/Songwriter)
Ray Wylie Hubbard (Country)
Rayland Baxter (Country)
Rebecca Folsom (Singer/Songwriter)
Rebecca Loebe (Singer/Songwriter)
Rebekah Todd (Singer/Songwriter)
Red Molly (Americana)
Red Sky July (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Red Tail Ring (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Redd Alexander (Americana)
Ree Backus (Singer/Songwriter)
Reggie Harris (Folk)
Regina Spektor (Singer/Songwriter)
Reid Jamieson (Singer/Songwriter)
Reina del Cid (Folk Rock)
Renee Wahl (Singer/Songwriter)
Resonant Rogues (Folk)
Reverend TJ McGlinchey (Singer/Songwriter)
Rhonda Vincent (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Ric Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Rich DePaolo (Singer/Songwriter)
Richard Buckner (Singer/Songwriter)
Richard Shindell (Singer/Songwriter)
Richelle Sigrist (Singer/Songwriter)
Richie and Rosie (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick Diamond (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick Gottlieb (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick Hardeman (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick LaRocca (Singer/Songwriter, Christian)
Rick Nestler (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick Ruskin (Singer/Songwriter)
Rick Savasten (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, World Music, Folk Rock, Christian)
Rick Shea (Singer/Songwriter)
Rickey Gene Wright (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Ricky Fitzpatrick (Singer/Songwriter)
Ricky j Taylor (Americana)
Rigby Summer (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock)
Riley Baugus (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Rising Appalachia (Americana, Folk Rock)
Rissi Palmer (Country)
Rita Hosking (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Ritt Deitz (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Soul/Gospel)
River Run (Americana)
River Twain (Americana)
River Whyless (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rj Cowdery (Folk)
Roanoke (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rob Baird (Country)
Rob Ickes (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Rob Larkin (Singer/Songwriter)
Rob Lutes (Singer/Songwriter)
Rob Lytle (Singer/Songwriter)
Rob McHale (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Rob Nance (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rob Platner Trio (Americana)
Rob Vischer (Singer/Songwriter)
Robbie Fulks (Country)
Robbie Schaefer (Singer/Songwriter)
Robby Hecht (Singer/Songwriter)
Robert Andrew Wagner +/- the little wretches (Singer/Songwriter)
Robert Earl Keen (Singer/Songwriter)
Robert Ellis (Singer/Songwriter)
Robert Kelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Robin & Linda Williams (Folk)
Robin Bacior (Singer/Songwriter)
Robin Jackson (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Robin Mink (Singer/Songwriter)
Robin O'Herin (Acoustic Blues)
Robinson Treacher (Singer/Songwriter)
Robyn Ludwick (Singer/Songwriter)
Rocky Guttmann (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk, Celtic, Acoustic Blues, Rockabilly, Folk Rock, Pop)
Rocky Votolato (Singer/Songwriter)
Rod Abernethy (Singer/Songwriter)
Rod Macdonald (Singer/Songwriter)
Rod Picott (Singer/Songwriter)
Rodney Crowell (Country)
Rodney Overton (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Roger Creager (Country)
Roger Silverberg (Singer/Songwriter)
Roger Street Friedman (Singer/Songwriter)
Romi Mayes (Acoustic Blues)
Ron Pope (Singer/Songwriter)
Ron Poythress (Singer/Songwriter)
Ronnie Baker Brooks (Acoustic Blues)
Ronny Cox (Singer/Songwriter)
Roosevelt Dime (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rorie Kelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Rose Cousins (Folk Rock)
Rose-Erin Stokes (Singer/Songwriter)
Rosi Golan (Singer/Songwriter)
Rosie Flores (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Rockabilly)
Ross David (Singer/Songwriter)
Ross Douglas (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Ross Martin (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country, Folk, Jazz, Classical)
Ross Newell (Singer/Songwriter)
Roxie Randle (Country)
Roy Book Binder (Folk)
Roy Schneider & The Reckless Saints (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Roy Zimmerman (Singer/Songwriter)
Rufus Wainwright (Singer/Songwriter)
Rumi by Candlelight Collective (World Music)
Run Boy Run (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Rupert Wates (Singer/Songwriter)
Russ Franzen (Singer/Songwriter)
Rustic Riders (Americana)
Ruston Kelly (Singer/Songwriter)
Rusty Reid (Folk Rock)
Rusty Tabor (Country)
Ruthie Foster (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Adam Wells (Country)
Ryan Bingham (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Harris Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Horne (Folk Rock)
Ryan Lill (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Tennis (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Winslow (Country)
Ryanhood (Singer/Songwriter)
S. Hunter Gray (Singer/Songwriter)
Sabrina (Singer/Songwriter)
Sadie McClendon (Country)
Saint Benjamin (Singer/Songwriter)
Sally Barris (Singer/Songwriter)
Sally Fingerett (Singer/Songwriter)
Sally Jaye (Singer/Songwriter)
Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Sally Spring (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Amidon (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country)
Sam Baker (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Sam Breckenridge (Instrumental)
Sam Brenner (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Burchfield (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Bush (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Sam Frazier (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Johnson (Singer/Songwriter, Reggae, Pop)
Sam Lewis (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Llanas (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Sam Outlaw (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Pacetti (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Reider & the Human Hands (World Music, Instrumental, Gypsy Jazz)
Sam Sliva (Singer/Songwriter)
Sam Weber (Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock)
Samantha Crain (Singer/Songwriter)
Sami Riggs (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Sammy Kay (Singer/Songwriter)
Sammy Patrick (Singer/Songwriter)
Sammy Sadler (Country)
Sandra McCracken (Singer/Songwriter)
Sands and Hearn (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Sandy McKnight's Pop-Clique (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara and Kenny (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Bareilles (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Beth Go (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Carbone (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Dee (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Groves (Christian)
Sara Haze (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Hickman (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Morgan (Country)
Sara Routh (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Syms (Singer/Songwriter)
Sara Watkins (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Sarah Aili (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Sarah Blacker (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Burton (Americana)
Sarah Clanton (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Donner (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Grain & the Billions of Stars (Folk Rock)
Sarah Hart (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Jaffe (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Jarosz (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Jordan (Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Jazz)
Sarah Kroger (Christian)
Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion (Folk)
Sarah Lou Richards (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah McQuaid (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Miles (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Peacock (Singer/Songwriter)
Sarah Potenza (Acoustic Blues)
Sarah Shook & the Disarmers (Country, Rockabilly, Folk Rock)
Sarah Siskind (Singer/Songwriter)
Sari and Jesse (Singer/Songwriter)
Sasha K.A & Chris E. Peterson (Americana)
Sauce Boss (Acoustic Blues)
Savannah King (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Pop)
Sawyer Fredericks (Singer/Songwriter)
Sawyer Lawson (Singer/Songwriter)
Schuyler Fisk (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Ainslie (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Barrier (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Cook (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Duncan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Scott Forbes (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Scott Kirby (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Kurt (Country)
Scott Miller (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Moss (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Mulvahill (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Ryan (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Strickland (Folk Rock)
Scott Taylor (Singer/Songwriter)
Scott Williams (Folk, Celtic, World Music, Instrumental)
Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes (Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Scott Youngberg (Singer/Songwriter)
Scrappy Jud Newcomb (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Scythian (Celtic)
Seamus Egan Project (Other Folk/Traditional)
Seamus Kennedy (Celtic)
Sean Barna (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean Benjamin (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean Farley (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean Gasaway (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean Hayes (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean McConnell (Americana, Country)
Sean Rowe (Singer/Songwriter)
Sean Watkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Searson (Celtic)
Selwyn Birchwood (Acoustic Blues)
Sera Cahoone (Singer/Songwriter)
Seryn (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Adam (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Bernard (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Brand (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Doud (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Glier (Singer/Songwriter)
Seth Walker (Acoustic Blues)
Shady Rill (Singer/Songwriter)
Shake Russell (Singer/Songwriter)
Shana Tucker (Jazz)
Shane Burke (Singer/Songwriter)
Shane Cooley (Singer/Songwriter)
Shanna in a Dress (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock)
ShAnnie (Singer/Songwriter)
Shannon Baker and Sometime Soon (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country)
Shannon Hughes (Singer/Songwriter)
Shannon Lawson (Country)
Shannon McMahon (Singer/Songwriter)
Shannon McNally (Singer/Songwriter)
Shannon Whitworth (Singer/Songwriter)
Shaquim Muldrow (Jazz)
Sharon Bousquet (Singer/Songwriter)
Sharon Goldman (Singer/Songwriter)
Shaun Hopper (Singer/Songwriter)
Shaun Murphy (Singer/Songwriter)
Shawn Byrne (Singer/Songwriter)
Shawn Camp (Americana, Country)
Shawn Colvin (Singer/Songwriter)
Shawn Mullins (Singer/Songwriter)
Shawn Stelton (Folk Rock)
Shawn Williams (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Rockabilly, Folk Rock)
Shawna Caspi (Singer/Songwriter)
Sheila Kay Adams (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Shelley King (Singer/Songwriter)
Shenandoah (Country)
Shook Twins (Singer/Songwriter)
Shotgun Josephine (Americana)
Shovels and Rope (Americana)
Shreeps (Singer/Songwriter)
Sierra Hull (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Silver Lake 66 (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country)
Simon Lynge (Singer/Songwriter)
Simply Three (Instrumental)
Sinclair Soul (Singer/Songwriter)
Siobhán O'Brien (Singer/Songwriter)
Siusan O'Rourke and Zig Zeitler (Americana)
Skellig Green (Folk, Celtic)
Skinny Lister (Folk Rock)
Sky Bells (Singer/Songwriter)
Sky Choice (Singer/Songwriter)
Slaid Cleaves (Singer/Songwriter)
Sleepwalker's Station (Folk)
Sloan Wainwright (Singer/Songwriter)
Small Time Napoleon (Folk Rock)
Smithfield Bargain (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Smooth Hound Smith (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Society of Broken Souls (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Sofia Talvik (Singer/Songwriter)
Sol y Canto (Singer/Songwriter)
Son de Cuba (Latin)
Son Little (Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock, Pop)
Songs of the Fall (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Songs of the Folk (Americana, Folk)
Sonia Lee (Country)
Sonia Leigh (Country)
Sonny Mone (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Sonny Moorman (Singer/Songwriter)
Sonya Heller (Singer/Songwriter)
Sophie and Fiachra (Celtic)
Sophie Buskin (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Sorcha Cribben-Merrill and Jo Sorrell (Americana)
Soul-R Fusion (Folk Rock)
South for Winter (Singer/Songwriter)
Sparky and Rhonda Rucker (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk)
Special Consensus (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Spencer Joyce (Singer/Songwriter)
Spirit Fiddle (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Spook Handy (Folk)
Spuyten Duyvil (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Squirrel Butter (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Stacey Randol (Singer/Songwriter)
Stacey Sanders (Singer/Songwriter)
Steel Blossoms (Americana)
Steel Union (Country)
Stefanie Fix (Singer/Songwriter)
Steff Mahan (Singer/Songwriter)
Stella and The Phins (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, World Music, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock)
Stephan Nance (Pop)
Stephane Wrembel (Jazz, Gypsy Jazz)
Stephanie Corby (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Jazz)
Stephanie Jackson (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephanie Schneiderman (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephen Babcock (Americana, Folk Rock, Pop)
Stephen Dornfeld (Jazz)
Stephen Fearing (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephen Garrett (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephen Kellogg (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephen Mendel (Singer/Songwriter)
Stephen Simmons (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Folk, Folk Rock)
Stephie Rae (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock, Soul/Gospel)
Steve Baughman (Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Steve Brosky (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Eulberg (Folk)
Steve Everett (Folk Rock, Pop)
Steve Fisher (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Forbert (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Itterly (Folk, Acoustic Blues)
Steve James (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
Steve Kimock (Pop, Jazz)
Steve Meckfessel (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Moakler (Country)
Steve Nieve (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Poltz (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Seskin (Singer/Songwriter)
Steve Volkmann (Singer/Songwriter)
Steven Blane (Singer/Songwriter)
Steven Pelland (Singer/Songwriter)
Steven Stanley (Singer/Songwriter)
Stevie and the Bluescasters (Acoustic Blues)
Stevie Cornell (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Still on the Hill (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Stillhouse Junkies (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Stone & Snow (Americana)
Strangled Darlings (Singer/Songwriter)
Stray Local (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock)
Stringman Delivery (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock)
Stu Nunnery (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Pop)
Stuart Duncan (Singer/Songwriter)
Stuart Fuchs (Singer/Songwriter)
Stuart Weber (Instrumental, Classical)
Sturgill Simpson (Singer/Songwriter)
Sufjan Stevens (Singer/Songwriter)
Sugarcane Jane (Country)
Sultans of String (World Music, Instrumental)
Sun City Players (Singer/Songwriter)
Sun Kil Moon (Americana)
Sundad (World Music, Instrumental)
Sundae + Mr. Goessl (Other Folk/Traditional, Pop, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Ragtime)
Sundy Best (Country)
Sunny Balopole (Singer/Songwriter)
Surrender Hill (Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
Susan Cattaneo (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Cowboy, Folk Rock)
Susan Chan (Classical)
Susan Enan (Singer/Songwriter)
Susan Gibson (Singer/Songwriter)
Susan Herndon (Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk Rock)
Susan Leigh Picking (Singer/Songwriter)
Susan Shann (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
Susan Werner (Singer/Songwriter)
Susie Burke and David Surette (Folk)
Susie Glaze (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Suzanna Choffel (Singer/Songwriter)
Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy (Singer/Songwriter, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental)
Suzi Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Suzie Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Suzie Vinnick (Acoustic Blues)
Suzzy Roche (Singer/Songwriter)
SVER (Other Folk/Traditional)
Swearingen & Kelli (Singer/Songwriter)
Sweet Tea & Moonshine (Americana)
Switchback (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Sydney Cubit (Singer/Songwriter)
Sylph Chamber Music (Instrumental, Classical)
Sylvain's Acadian Aces (Cajun & Creole)
Sylvia (Country)
T Sisters (Singer/Songwriter)
T. Edwin Doss (Singer/Songwriter)
Taarka (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz)
Tab Benoit (Acoustic Blues)
Tal Naccarato (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Country, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Acoustic Blues, Classical)
Tall Heights (Folk Rock)
Tamara Hey (Singer/Songwriter)
Tammy Renee (Country)
Tammy Rochelle (Singer/Songwriter)
Tania Watt (Singer/Songwriter)
Tara Beier (Singer/Songwriter)
Tara Dente (Americana)
Tara Nevins (Singer/Songwriter)
Taylor Chaffin (Singer/Songwriter)
Taylor Davis (Instrumental)
Taylor James Donskey (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Taylor Leonhardt (Christian)
Taylor Lynn Cullen (Singer/Songwriter)
Taylor on Sunset (Jazz)
Taylor Rich (Folk)
Ted McVay (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Ted Yoder (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Celtic, Instrumental)
Teghan Devon (Singer/Songwriter)
Teka (Jazz)
Tellico (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tempa & Naor (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Acoustic Blues, Soul/Gospel)
Tenth Avenue North (Singer/Songwriter)
Tenzin Chopak (Singer/Songwriter)
Teresa Storch (Singer/Songwriter)
Teressa Mahoney (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Terra Naomi (Singer/Songwriter)
Terre Roche (Singer/Songwriter)
Terri Hendrix (Singer/Songwriter)
Terry Brown (Singer/Songwriter)
Terry Holder (Singer/Songwriter)
Terry Radigan (Singer/Songwriter)
Terry Robb (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Acoustic Blues, Ragtime)
Tetra Trio (Classical)
Texassippi Soul Man Danny Brooks & Lil Miss Debi (Americana, Acoustic Blues)
The 9 Songwriter Series (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Instrumental, Folk Rock, Pop)
The Accidentals (Americana)
The Accomplices (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Annie Oakley (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The Appalucians (Americana)
The Appleseed Collective (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Ashley Gang (Folk)
The Asking (Singer/Songwriter)
The Ballroom Thieves (Folk Rock)
The Barefoot Movement (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Barr Brothers (Folk Rock)
The Be Good Tanyas (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The BeeKeepers (Folk)
The Bird and the Bear (Singer/Songwriter)
The Black Lillies (Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
The Blue Eyed Bettys (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The BorderCollies (Celtic)
The Bottom Shelf Bourbon Trio (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Acoustic Blues)
The Boxcar Lillies (Country)
The Broken String Band (Americana)
The Brookses (Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Blues)
The Brother Brothers (Singer/Songwriter)
The Brothers Comatose (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Brothers Four (Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
The Bumper Jacksons (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Cactus Blossoms (Singer/Songwriter)
The Cave Singers (Folk Rock)
The Center State (Americana, Folk)
The Cirotti Trio (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Cody Sisters (Singer/Songwriter)
The Collection (Folk Rock)
The Contenders (Americana)
The Crane Wives (Folk Rock)
The Currys (Americana)
The Damn Quails (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
The Danberrys (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The David Mayfield Parade (Folk Rock)
The David Wax Museum (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Del Zorros (Singer/Songwriter)
The Devil Makes Three (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Dirty Rain Revelers (Americana, Folk Rock)
The Donnis Trio (Singer/Songwriter)
The Doubleclicks (Singer/Songwriter)
The Down Hill Strugglers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Duke of Norfolk (Singer/Songwriter)
The Dupont Brothers (Singer/Songwriter)
The Duskwhales (Pop)
The East Pointers (Celtic)
The End of America (Folk Rock)
The Far West (Singer/Songwriter)
The Felice Brothers (Folk Rock)
The Flukes (Pop)
The Flutter and Wow (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Fly Birds (Americana)
The Flyin A's (Americana)
The Foothill Brothers (Americana)
The Foothills (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
The Four Bitchin Babes (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
The Fremonts (Singer/Songwriter)
The Fretless (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Georgia Dish Boys (Folk Rock)
The Gina Furtado Project (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Ginger Ups (Singer/Songwriter)
The Good Graces (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The Gossamer Strings (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Gothard Sisters (Celtic)
The Grascals (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Greencards (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Half Step Sisters (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Hammer and The Hatchet (Americana)
The Harmaleighs (Singer/Songwriter)
The Haunted Windchimes (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Hedge Band (Celtic)
The High 48s (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The High and Wides (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
The High Crest (Singer/Songwriter)
The Hillbenders (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The Hollands (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
The Honey Dewdrops (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Hot Club of San Francisco (Singer/Songwriter)
The Howlin' Brothers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Hummingbirds (Singer/Songwriter)
The Infamous Stringdusters (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The InVocations (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Celtic, Cajun & Creole, Acoustic Blues)
The Iveys (Singer/Songwriter)
The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Jellyman's Daughter (Americana)
The Kennedys (Folk Rock)
The Levins (Singer/Songwriter)
The Littlest Birds (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Locksmiths (Singer/Songwriter)
The Lone Bellow (Folk Rock)
The Lords of Liechtenstein (Singer/Songwriter)
The Love Leighs (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
The Love Sprockets (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The Low Anthem (Folk Rock)
The Lowest Pair (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Lynnes (Singer/Songwriter)
The Maes (Folk)
The Malvinas (Folk, Cajun & Creole, Other Folk/Traditional)
The Mammals (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Marvins (Singer/Songwriter)
The Masons (Folk Rock)
The Matchsellers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The McGuire Brothers (Cowboy, Country, Folk, Folk Rock, Pop)
The Meadows Brothers (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
The Meantime (Singer/Songwriter)
The Milk Carton Kids (Singer/Songwriter)
The Minnesota Child (Singer/Songwriter)
The Mosleys (Folk Rock)
The Mud Flappers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Mulligan Brothers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Musers (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
The Nautical Theme (Jazz)
The New 76ers (Singer/Songwriter)
The New American Mandolin Ensemble (Instrumental)
The Nields (Folk Rock)
The Nighthawks (Acoustic Blues)
The Novel Ideas (Folk Rock)
The Novelists (Folk Rock)
The Oh Hellos (Folk Rock)
The Olivarez Trio (Gypsy Jazz)
The Page Turners (Singer/Songwriter)
The Paint Splats (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
The Peasall Sisters (Singer/Songwriter)
The Phenomenal Conundrum (Americana, Folk Rock)
The Press Gang (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Promise is Hope (Singer/Songwriter)
The Proper Sporks (Folk)
The Purple Kite (Singer/Songwriter)
The Pussywillows (Singer/Songwriter)
The Quitters (duo) (Americana, Folk, Electric Blues)
The Real Sarahs (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
The Renfrees (Americana)
The Rightly So (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock)
The Riverside (Folk Rock)
The Roamies (Singer/Songwriter)
The Rose Valley Thorns (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Rough and Tumble (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
The Rubber Knife Gang (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Saint Johns (Folk Rock)
The Salty Suites (Singer/Songwriter)
The Sea The Sea (Folk Rock)
The Secret Sisters (Singer/Songwriter)
The Sidleys (Pop)
The Singer and The Songwriter (Singer/Songwriter)
The Skipping Stones (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
The Slocan Ramblers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Slow Drag (Singer/Songwriter)
The Small Glories (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Smoking Flowers (Folk Rock)
The Steel Wheels (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Steeldrivers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Stray Birds (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Subdudes (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Suitcase Junket (Singer/Songwriter)
The Sweeplings (Singer/Songwriter)
The Sweet Potatoes (Folk Rock)
The Sweet Water Warblers (Folk Rock)
The Sweetback Sisters (Country)
The Talbott Brothers (Folk Rock)
The Therapy Sisters (Cowboy, Folk, Rockabilly)
The Thoughts (Singer/Songwriter)
The Tin Man (Singer/Songwriter)
The Tool Shed (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Jug Band, Country, Folk)
The Trailblazers (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
The Travelin McCourys (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Twangtown Paramours (Singer/Songwriter)
The Two's (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Instrumental, Folk Rock, Pop, Classical)
The Vespers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Vogts Sisters (Americana)
The Vulcans (Americana)
The Wailin Jennys (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Watson Twins (Folk Rock)
The Waymores (Americana, Country)
The Weather Station (Folk Rock)
The Weepies (Singer/Songwriter)
The Weight (Folk Rock)
The Whiskey Charmers (Singer/Songwriter)
The Whispering Tree (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
The White Buffalo (Singer/Songwriter)
The Wild Feathers (Americana)
The Wildmans (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
The Wildwood Sirens (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
The WillowWacks (Singer/Songwriter)
The Winterlings (Americana)
The Wood Brothers (Folk Rock)
The Wrong Omar (Singer/Songwriter)
The Yale Russian Chorus (Other Folk/Traditional, Classical)
The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers (Country)
The Young Fables (Americana)
The Young Novelists (Folk Rock)
Thea Hopkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Them Coulee Boys (Americana)
Theo Czuk (Singer/Songwriter)
These Fine Moments (Folk Rock)
This Frontier Needs Heroes (Singer/Songwriter)
Thom Rayne (Singer/Songwriter)
Thom Schuyler (Singer/Songwriter)
Thomas Cassell (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Three Tall Pines (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tiffany Christopher (Singer/Songwriter)
Tiffany Williams (Singer/Songwriter)
Tift Merritt (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim & Myles Thompson (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Alexander (Instrumental)
Tim Chauvin (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Easton (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Gearan (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Grimm (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Kapeluck (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim MacLean (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Tim McGeary (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim O'Brien (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tim Quarberg (Christian)
Tim Sparks (Singer/Songwriter)
Tim Weed (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Timmy Curran (Singer/Songwriter)
Timothy Monger (Singer/Songwriter)
Tina & Her Pony (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tina Mae (Singer/Songwriter)
Tinsley Ellis (Acoustic Blues)
Tish Hinojosa (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
TJ Walsh (Folk Rock)
Toby Lightman (Singer/Songwriter)
Toby Tobias (Singer/Songwriter)
Toby Walker (Singer/Songwriter)
Todd Albright (Country)
Todd Snider (Singer/Songwriter)
Todd Walker (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom "The Suit" Forst (Acoustic Blues)
Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan (Acoustic Blues)
Tom Cardullo (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Tom Catmull (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Chapin (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Dixon (Country)
Tom Eure (Folk)
Tom Evanchuck (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Tom Feldmann (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Gravenstreter (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Heany (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Tom Kimmel (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Margolis (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom McElvain (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country, Acoustic Blues)
Tom Meny (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Tom Neilson (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom O'Carroll (Celtic)
Tom Paxton (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional)
Tom Rush (Folk, World Music, Acoustic Blues)
Tom Russell (Singer/Songwriter)
Tom Smith (Instrumental)
Tommy Castro (Acoustic Blues)
Tommy Womack (Singer/Songwriter)
Toney Rocks (Singer/Songwriter)
Tony Furtado (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tony James Shevlin (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Tony Lucca (Folk Rock)
Tony Manard (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Cowboy, Jug Band, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Soul/Gospel)
Tony Ramey (Singer/Songwriter)
Tony Trischka (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tony Williamson (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana)
Tosha Hill (Singer/Songwriter)
Toshi Reagon (Singer/Songwriter)
Tough Old Bird (Singer/Songwriter)
Tow'rs (Singer/Songwriter)
Town Mountain (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Trace Bundy (Instrumental)
Tracie Mattox (Singer/Songwriter)
Tracy Colletto (Singer/Songwriter)
Tracy Coryell (Singer/Songwriter)
Tracy Grammer (Singer/Songwriter)
Tracy Morrison (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Tracy Newman (Singer/Songwriter)
Trae Sheehan (Americana, Folk)
Trampled by Turtles (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Transit Soul (Folk Rock)
Travis Linville (Country)
Travis Meadows (Country)
Trent Dabbs (Singer/Songwriter)
Tret Fure (Singer/Songwriter)
Treva Blomquist (Singer/Songwriter)
Trevor Gordon Hall (Instrumental)
Trevor Green (Folk Rock)
Trevor Ohlsen (Singer/Songwriter)
Trevor Startt (Singer/Songwriter)
Triflemore (Celtic)
Trisha Adams (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Tristan Omand (Singer/Songwriter)
Tristan Prettyman (Singer/Songwriter)
Tristen (Singer/Songwriter)
Troubadour 77 (Americana)
Trout Steak Revival (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
True North (Americana)
Truman Holland (Singer/Songwriter)
Twin Kennedy (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Country)
Two Crows For Comfort (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk)
Ty Herndon (Country)
Tyler Barham (Singer/Songwriter)
Tyler Childers (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tyler Hilton (Singer/Songwriter)
Tyler Key (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)
Tyler Lyle (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Tyler Sjöström (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Pop)
Tyrone Wells (Singer/Songwriter)
Uncle Earl (Singer/Songwriter)
Uncle Lucius (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Underhill Rose (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Up the Chain (Folk Rock)
Upstate (Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Folk Rock, Jazz, Soul/Gospel)
Vance Gilbert (Singer/Songwriter)
Vanessa Carlton (Singer/Songwriter)
Vanessa Peters (Singer/Songwriter)
Verlon Thompson (Singer/Songwriter)
Veronneau (Jazz)
Vicki Genfan (Singer/Songwriter)
Vicky Emerson (Singer/Songwriter)
Victor and Penny (Folk Rock)
Victor Johnson (Singer/Songwriter)
Victor Wainwright (Acoustic Blues)
Victoria Banks (Country)
Victoria Pennock (Singer/Songwriter)
Victoria Vox (Singer/Songwriter)
Vincent Cross (Singer/Songwriter)
Vinegar Creek Constituency (Singer/Songwriter)
Violet Bell (Singer/Songwriter)
Virginia Marcs (Folk Rock)
Von Strantz (Folk Rock)
Vonnie Kyle (Folk Rock)
Wade Bowen (Country)
Wally Barnick (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Instrumental)
Walt Wilkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Walter Parks (Americana)
Ward Davis (Singer/Songwriter, Country)
Water Liars (Folk Rock)
Wayne Baird (Singer/Songwriter)
Wayne Hancock (Western Swing, Rockabilly)
Wayne Toups (Cajun & Creole)
Wayne Willingham (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Instrumental)
Webb Wilder (Singer/Songwriter)
Wendy Colonna (Singer/Songwriter)
Wendy Sobel (Singer/Songwriter)
Wendy Woo (Singer/Songwriter)
Wes Collins (Folk Rock)
Wes Furumoto (Singer/Songwriter, World Music, Other Folk/Traditional)
Wes Loper (Country)
Wes Swing (Singer/Songwriter)
Wes Urbaniak and the Mountain Folk (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Wesley Stace (Singer/Songwriter)
West My Friend (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Westwend (Singer/Songwriter)
Wheatfield (Americana)
When Particles Collide (Folk Rock)
Whiskey Raccoons (Americana)
Whitherward (Singer/Songwriter)
Whitney Rose (Singer/Songwriter)
Whym (Instrumental)
Whyte Tygers (Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Pop)
Wild Carrot (Americana, Folk)
Wild Maple (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Celtic, Acoustic Blues)
Wild Ponies (Americana)
Wilder Adkins (Singer/Songwriter)
Wildeyes (Americana)
Will Baird (Singer/Songwriter)
Will Kimbrough (Singer/Songwriter)
Will Solomon (Folk, Folk Rock)
Willard Gayheart (Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country)
Willi Carlisle (Folk)
William Clark Green (Country)
William Elliott Whitmore (Singer/Songwriter)
William Fitzsimmons (Singer/Songwriter)
William Matheny (Folk Rock)
William McCarthy (Singer/Songwriter)
William Scorzari Jr. (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Country, Folk, Acoustic Blues)
William Wild (Singer/Songwriter)
Williamson Branch (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Willie Sugarcapps (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Willie T and Doctor X (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Folk, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock)
Willie Watson (Singer/Songwriter)
Willy Mason (Singer/Songwriter)
Willy Porter (Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock)
Willy Welch (Singer/Songwriter)
Windborne (Folk)
Windborne Singers (Folk)
Winnie Brave (Americana)
Wishbone Zoe (Singer/Songwriter)
Wood and Wire (Americana)
Woody Pines (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Woody Russell (Acoustic Blues)
Worry Dolls (Americana)
Wyatt Easterling (Singer/Songwriter, Folk)
Wyatt Espalin (Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Folk Rock)
Xanthe Alexis (Americana)
Xaris Waltman (Singer/Songwriter)
Yarn (Folk Rock)
Young Frontier (Folk Rock, Indie Rock)
Young Moon (Singer/Songwriter)
Zach Deputy (Singer/Songwriter)
Zach Winters (Singer/Songwriter)
Zachary Lucky (Singer/Songwriter)
Zack Freitas (Singer/Songwriter)
Zan Berry (Instrumental, Classical)
Zarni (Singer/Songwriter)
Zena (Singer/Songwriter)
Zoe and Cloyd (Bluegrass & Roots Music)
Zoe Lewis (Singer/Songwriter)
Zoe Mulford (Folk)
Zonnis (Folk)
Zoocrü (Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Rock, Jazz, Soul/Gospel)