Mark and Cindy Lemaire

Emeryville, CA
Lemaire is known for his unique guitar style that incorporates fingerpicking, slap-and-tap harmonics, hand percussion, and a delicate touch that goes straight to your heart.

While Mark’s unusual solo guitar pieces stand as complete statements, his harmonies with Cindy Lemaire are so perfectly matched that they seem like two people with one voice. Besides US dates, Mark and Cindy tour the world, with shows in Sweden, England, Scotland, and New Zealand.

"Lemaire has received critical kudos from the industry as well as his musical peers. Performing with Cindy Lemaire, the blend of voices adds a perfect exclamation point to Mark's virtuoso guitar playing and songwriting."
- The Pasadena Weekly

“Mark and Cindy’s stellar harmonies simply mesmerize, silencing the audience who hang on every note. I've seen a lot of acts, but the harmonies of these two are so aligned and balanced, I felt as though I got an audio 'tune up' inside me after listening to their songs."
-- Kiki Wow Presents, Carmel, CA

“It was an impeccable performance. Never have I witnessed such control of the steel stringed guitar’s sound. This was a flawless show.”
–Mark Twang, Folkways Recordings

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