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Boston, MA
Everyone remembers the first “instrument” they fell in love with as a child. Whether using the pots and pans in the kitchen cupboard or hearing the bells ringing on Sunday morning, a love for music starts young. Bill Dwyer’s own childhood musical discovery was through an aluminum cooler left by the milkman. With a wooden dowel as his drumstick, the cooler was transformed into a snare drum.

Eventually, when Bill started his own band with his neighborhood friends, he thought it only natural to name their group the “West Lynn Creamery.” Bill went on to play drums in various bands and independent projects, all thanks to his family’s milk delivery service.

This love of playing launched a love for music, and Bill began songwriting. He took these songs and played on stages across the US- Massachusetts, New York, Minnesota, South Carolina – on stages such as CBGB’s, The Continental, and The Hard Rock Cafe. In 2016 he also toured across Europe, bringing his feel-good tunes to London, Paris, Lille, Amsterdam & all over Germany.

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