About the Undiscovered Music Community

We invite you to join the acoustic music scene that is blooming across the country, where extraordinary talented musicians play to intimate audiences in small venues.

There are thousands of talented musicians out there that either haven't made it big yet or have simply opted out of the traditional music industry. These artists generate most of their income from live shows (and the sale of CDs and merchandise at those shows) traveling across the country to bring their music to fans in listening rooms, coffeehouses, house concerts and other small venues. Most of these venues are volunteer efforts or work on small budgets and so don't advertise heavily. Therefore, you may not even be aware that they exist in your own neighborhood.

We are familiar with this scene since we have been hosting house concerts in the Atlanta area for over 14 years. We built the Undiscovered Music community as a way to both help the artists we have enjoyed working with over the years and help others join this growing music scene.

We hope you find this site useful and a door into some amazing music you might not have known existed.

Paul Price
Founder, Undiscovered Music
Host, Sweetwater-Cafe House Concerts
Cumming, Georgia

Contact Us: support@undiscoveredmusic.net