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San Francisco, CA
Singer/Songwriter, Folk
Amy's songs are timeless. With lyrics about the experience of being human, her music has a way of connecting with pretty much anyone on a deeply personal level. Her hauntingly pure vocals cut to the heart like classics such as Joni Mitchell or Carol King.

Amy is a California native. After growing up in San Diego, she moved to Santa Cruz for college (go slugs!) and after a fifteen year love affair with the town, moved on to San Francisco where she's lived since 2012. She’s toured the U.S. and Europe, plus recorded and toured with her own French band (The Carbone Band), along with an Artist in Residence in Saint Herblain, France. You also may have heard her song, Carousel, on the hit TV Show, Grey’s Anatomy.

You can hear Amy perform in a variety of formats. She’s performing frequently in San Francisco with her new energetic groove-rock band, Amy & The Elements. At other times she uses a looper where she can instantly record, playback and perform atop her own performance with harmonies and instruments. And very often she’ll pair things down and simply perform a solo acoustic show highlighting the purity of her songs.

Amy’s musical history stretches back to age five, when she began singing in her school choir. She took up piano at age six and has been studying music ever since. She finally picked up the guitar when she began songwriting at twenty-two.

During her long residence in Santa Cruz, she supported local organizations through two benefit concerts called Take Back Your Forest. Collectively they raised six thousand dollars for the Sempervirens Fund, an organization that purchases and protects redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She continues to support these types of organizations as much as possible. In 2012, her Carbon Conscious global tour raised awareness about the burning of rainforest in South America and the affects on climate change.

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