Belle Plaine - Artist Profile

Fosston, SK
Singer/Songwriter, Americana
Belle Plaine is a singer/songwriter raised on the Canadian prairies near the hamlet of Fosston, Saskatchewan. As an avid collaborator she has performed her music multiple times with the Regina Symphony Orchestra, was a guest vocalist on Colter Wall’s breakthrough debut album, Imaginary Appalachia, and saw her co-writing and harmony-singing chops featured on Blake Berglund’s latest record, Realms.

Her 2018 release, Malice, Mercy, Grief and Wrath, highlights her tremendous voice and prodigious songwriting abilities. The myriad of references on the album evidence her study of folk and country traditions, though the album is anything but pastiche. It contemplates the ephemeral nature of life, and manages to address themes that are persistently unfolding in our lives: forgiveness, redemption and hope.

“Belle crochets a wonderful mix of old country, classic western, alternative rock, and jazz swing to create a beautiful blanket of music that is an artistic keepsake.” No Depression

“If this album were a house, it would loom large, stand Gothic and you would find its heart in a foyer that holds a grand piano.” Exclaim!

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