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Alto Pass, IL
A Matt Martino concert is an intimate experience, highlighted by his from-the-heart style both as a writer and story teller, and supported by his skills as a piano and sax player, which he integrates into solo shows with a loop pedal.
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After a five-year hiatus spent recovering from a neck injury that nearly derailed his career, singer/songwriter Matt Martino is back on tour and creating new music in 2018.
Martino’s star was rising following the success of his debut album, “Let it Shine,” in 2007. In the years that followed, his tunes could be heard on prime-time television and independent films all over the world. “Let it Shine” appeared on the 2008 Grammy ballot in six categories, including Best New Artist, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year. Following rave reviews from Music Row magazine and other prominent music industry publications, he released three additional singles and re-released a collection of back-catalog tunes before declining health finally halted his music career entirely in 2012.

After a frustrating five-year healing period fraught with inaccurate diagnoses and setbacks, Martino was finally well enough to return to the stage in 2017. A series of small, intimate house concerts throughout the year allowed Martino to re-acclimate to performing and has reignited his desire to play. Response has been overwhelmingly positive and Martino will continue to pursue house concerts and intimate performing opportunities in 2018 while also revisiting many of the larger venues in which he has performed in the past. These performances will include long-time collaborators Dan Hagemann and Dennis Lee, as well as new projects in the works with musicians from Nashville and elsewhere.

After an extended silence, the promise of new music from Matt Martino is in the works.

Upcoming Shows

Nov 30, 2018
The 1010 Room (Cafe/Restaurant)
Robinsonville, MS
Dec 1, 2018
The 1010 Room (Cafe/Restaurant)
Robinsonville, MS
Jan 12, 2019
Hard Rock Cafe - New Buffalo (Bar/Nightclub)
New Buffalo, MI
Mar 14, 2019
Ca'd'Zan House Concert (House Concert)
Cambridge, IL
Mar 16, 2019
Bent Shadows Concert Series (House Concert)
Aurora, NE
Apr 25, 2019
The Broadway Theater (Small Theater)
Rock Springs, WY
May 18, 2019
Music at Chateau Belvedere (House Concert)
Leesburg, VA
May 29, 2019
Sundown Concert Series (House Concert)
Green Bay, WI