Hesh Meister (The Hesh Inc.) - Artist Profile

New York, NY
Hesh Meister's journey reads like a long, strange trip commencing in the late 1970s on the South Shore of Long Island and threading over the ensuing decades through places like the Borscht Belt, Jerusalem, the Sinai Peninsula, Judea & Samaria, the Golan Heights, Boston, Philadelphia, the Jersey Shore, and Southern California. He played keyboards in jam and blues bands in Israel, rock and reggae cover bands in New Jersey and Philadelphia, Jewish music in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, and original tunes in every location he has found himself in. Bringing his various experiences and influences with him from each place, his journey has circled back to the greater New York/New Jersey area, where he currently records and performs.

THE HESH INC. has released five albums: Soul In Exile (1999), Soul In Exile 2: Jersey Shore Baby (2007), Boardwalk Mystic (2015), Soul In Exile 3: Love Runs Aground (2017), and most recently, the online-only solo collection, "stripped down in Jersey" (2018).

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