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Seattle, WA
Shannon Hughes began her music career at 8 when she began to take piano lessons. She sang her first solo at 11 years old and during her teenage years competed in many musical competitions at her performing academy in Anchorage, Alaska. She toured through the US & Canada at age 19, and began pursuing her music performance degree in voice and piano. Shannon's musical journey skyrocketed because of Tadum, a severely handicapped young woman. Tadum's life and death taught Shannon that all people are touched through music. Shannon carries Tadum's memory into each performance. Tadum's unspoken challenge to reach out to all people with music, life, and community continues to inspire Shannon with courage & hope. Shannon's music includes piano, singing, guitar & ukulele. She has played and sang for audiences of thousands of people, and continues to bring delight and hope wherever she performs.

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Shannon's goal in life is to join with others in order to bring music to the people who need love, light & life.

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