Bigdumbhick (Jeff Wall)

Winston-Salem, NC
Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Traditional Folk, Americana, Comedy, Storytelling
Singer-Songwriter, Storyteller, and Comedian Jeff Wall is a Bigdumbhick, (that’s one word) at least that’s what he’s been told most of his life. It’s not really true. It’s a name drenched in irony. Yes, there is no doubt that he’s big and Yeti looking, but he’s not nearly as dumb as initial impression might indicate. (like that’s possible) As to being a hick, well that’s kind of subjective.

Hailing from the Winston-Salem/Triad region of North Carolina, at 6’7”, and somewhere around 350lbs, he’s not just big, he is damned big. Full Grown you might say. Usually found wearing Round-House bib-overalls, if anything at all, he is a cigar-smoking, wise-cracking, bad-ass acoustic guitar-slinger, and a damned hilarious entertainer to boot.

He is a man of many surprises. His show is unlike anything you have ever experienced, and it is nothing like you would expect, especially from anyone who looks like he looks. There’s a lot of heart here. There’s a lot of everything here.

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