My Politic

Nashville, TN
Traditional Folk, Americana, Alt Country
My Politic is a Folk/Americana band based in Nashville TN. Kaston Guffey and Nick Pankey grew up together in Ozark MO and started My Politic around the age of 15. Kaston writes character driven story songs and Nick adds sibling like harmony to create a unique sound that is totally their own.
Inspired by artists like John Prine, Woody Guthrie, Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, Patty Griffin Simon & Garfunkel classic country and so much else, My Politic has recorded 9 albums to date and have released 3 of those since moving to Nashville 7 years ago. "Anchor" (2015) "12 Kinds of Lost" (2017) and The band's latest effort, "Short-Sighted People In Power" (released 10/30/2020) is collection of songs written and recorded between March and August of 2020 hyper-focused on politics & current affairs. They've also had the pleasure of appearing at Americanafest and multiple times at The Bluebird since moving to Nashville.
My Politic has been all over the country for years thriving in intimate house concerts settings,listening rooms, dive bars and everywhere in between. My Politic is unique mid-western storytelling in harmony.

Short-Sighted People in Power" 
"They are inspired, brave and brilliant songs, remarkably comprehensive but never preachy or ponderous. It’s perfect for this American moment. Rendered tenderly with close harmonies throughout, it evoked the sound of Don Henley and Glenn Frey singing Randy Newman songs. It’s subversive, but also soulfully charming." 
- Paul Zollo - American Songwriter 

" might come off as a rootsy, country-folk fusion but its importance transcends such a sonic description. It comes from the same disenfranchised place which spawned punk, hip-hop, even rock and roll itself, and any and all movements born of being outside, forgotten, exploited, ignored and used by those in power." 
- Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture

"a time capsule of these times, that will stand as a statement for a future perspective to judge. Woody Guthrie would be proud.
- Paul Mcgee -

"12 Kinds of Lost" "...not to be missed. The album boasts beautiful harmonies, heart-tugging bluegrass string arrangements, and lyrical reflections on loneliness, loss, addiction, and struggle. Even with its sad subject matter, the songs provide a warm blanket of comfort, a cure of for what ails you in the form of a front-porch jam session, a campfire conversation, or an intimate living room gathering of friends."
-Mother Church Pew- 

"this is country music dressed in rags rather than rhinestones with lyrics that wonderfully explore broken dreams, small town aspirations, the darker underbelly of everyday life, defeat and defiance, personal stories but with universal resonance. " 
-Dave Franklin Dancing About Architecture -

"Their Appalachian-infused folk/country sound combines with compelling storytelling and achingly vulnerable vocals on the 12 track collection for a brutally honest look at some of life’s darker and more difficult challenges."
-The Daily Country-


"To this uneducated Brit, My Politic sounds like Nashville. Not the clichéd, line-dancing, rhinestonedcommercial end of things, but a cooler, understated underground that is all about the song rather than the show. This is music that comes from the corner of a dark, smoky bar the hangout of regular people taking a break from the working week and with the ghost of Townes Van Zandt and Gram Parsons looming large."
- Dave Franklin - Dancing about architecture

"Their music has age and the words are scripted from today. My Politic curate a sound that positions the Nashville trio as guardians of a mountain music that digs as deep as the hills themselves.
 Their most recent release, plays Folk songs from the heart of a rambler as the album examines “The Truth” on a carefully structured border of rhythm with “Nobody to Blame” as it carries its own truths in the gritty light of reality."
- Danny - Alternate Root-

"Kaston Guffey’s lead vocal is just perfect for the genre. As he sings over the strings on “God or Evolution” it’s immediately apparent that he’s been a part of this type of music for a long time. There’s a time-tested quality to the compositions on this album." 
-Ear to The Ground-

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