Jesh Yancey

Denver, CO
Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Traditional Country, Traditional Folk, Other Folk/Traditional, Acoustic Blues, Folk Rock
Jesh Yancey is a singer/songwriter from Alabama and based out of Denver, Colorado. Yancey began writing songs as a teenager and has been working to write songs that need to be written. After his enlistment in the Navy Yancey found the time to really start going after the call to write and become a better musician. The Gulf Coast and specifically Mobile, AL was the perfect place to develop an audience and to become a true story teller. You won't find much fluff or clutter in any of his songs. Yancey has been closing in on his PsycheDeltaFolk for the last few years along the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Pensacola to Birmingham. After releasing his first full-length album, Livers and Diers, Yancey booked every show he could while holding down a full-time job. Jesh gained traction and interest from many folks during this time. Yancey and his wife Miranda were given the chance to move out west and immediately seized the opportunity. Yancey took the time to record an EP, Maybe it's the Drugs, with his band The High Hopes before heading out (release date pending). After arriving in Denver, Yancey immediately began working on hitting the road to get in front of as many people as possible. Don't miss the chance to be in a room while Yancey takes you through the valley.

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