Lipbone Redding

Greenville, NC
Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Soul/Gospel, World Music, Roots Rock
From New York’s subway to stages around the world, Lipbone Redding’s music stretches like a string that’s never-ending. With eight albums of tunes and a lifetime of inspiration from which to draw, the well-traveled musician features a sound that far exceeds the boundaries of Americana. His approach dips into jazz and blues with a New Orleans touch. Swaths of Latin America tango with occasional dollops of Asian flair and American funk. Like an international rainbow, Redding’s style reaches out to touch many a someone.” — Tom Netherland – Herald Courier

Hailing from North Carolina, Lipbone is an award-winning vocalist, guitar player, voice-strumentalist, storyteller, songwriter, author, teacher and traveler. He is best known for his one-man orchestra show; simultaneously playing, singing and making the instrument sounds with his mouth and without the use of a loop pedal.
Lipbone incorporates American Roots, Blues and Jazz with world influences including Indian, Middle Eastern, African and Latin styles. An uncanny vocal range, a nylon string guitar, a wooden spoon duct-taped to his foot and a lifetime of stories are all he needs to get the party started. His natural human sounds of throat singing, bass and beat-boxing, and his astonishingly realistic lip-tromboning are a must-experience.

Traveling the world making friends and music, Lipbone spends most nights on the road in his small RV, “The Beautiful Flying Machine.” Outfitted with solar panels, a kitchen and comfortable living area, he boasts waking up to some of the most stunning views on planet Earth. From his mobile headquarters, Lipbone makes art, writes songs, records music, perfects his vegan recipes, interviews fascinating strangers for his podcast, and shares photos and video of nature’s beauty.

Theaters, festivals, house concerts and private parties make up the bulk of Lipbone’s schedule and he Lipbone collaborates regularly and performs often as a special guest.

An engaging and entertaining show for all ages and musical tastes…there is truly ‘something for everyone’ at a Lipbone show!

But wait, there’s more…

In addition to a thriving commercial music career, Lipbone has been an active member of the yoga community, since 2003, performing for classes and offering concerts at healing arts centers around the world. In 2017 he began offering his OmPrana workshop, a 90 minute immersive experience focused on breath, music and meditation.

Love Is The Answer For World Peace!

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