Siena Christie

Portland, OR
Singer/Songwriter, Traditional Folk, Americana
Siena Christie is a modern folk singer-storyteller. Her unaffected, crystal-clear voice pairs hauntingly with her sweeping melodies and richly detailed lyrics about life, love, and impermanence. As a performer, she aims to carry listeners gently along on journeys through mysterious places, complex emotions, and hidden corners of the human spirit.
In 2022, Siena was a finalist in both the Kerrville Grassy Hill New Folk competition and the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Songwriter Showcase, and she was also chosen as the winner of “Best Overall Song” in Portland’s Folk Festival’s 2022 songwriting contest and the Great River Folk Festival songwriting contest in 2021. She performed her first Folk Alliance showcase as an Official Showcasing Artist at FARM in 2022.

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January 29
Streamed Live Via Zoom
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Siena Christie
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