Webster's Wheel

Opelika, AL
Americana, Other Folk/Traditional
"Amidst the brilliance of the daylight, a spectacle unfolded before my gaze, and I found myself in contemplation of a mysterious wheel, gleaming as if woven into the very fabric of the heavens. Its radiance held a silent poetry, akin to the pages of a tome unfurling with celestial wisdom.

As I stood beneath the sun's watchful eye, the enigma of that shining wheel became an indelible mark upon the canvas of my musings. In the spirit of that celestial mystery, the folk melodies of Webster's Wheel began to resonate, weaving a tapestry of introspection as profound as the ripples upon a placid river's surface.

Embark on a journey with their harmonies, where the cosmic and the earthly converge, leaving you immersed in contemplation, much like the dance of shadows beneath the radiant wheel that graced that daylight sky."

Webster’s Wheel are an indie folk/Americana duo with a sound lost in time and found on a journey of finger-style acoustics, interweaving vocal harmonies, and emotional landscapes. Based out of east central Alabama, the duo has toured across the South from the far shores of Florida up the mountains of Virginia and across the Texas plains. They have recorded five albums in three years’ time, releasing music in a style that remains true to their sound and captures the unfiltered magic of their live performances. IndieShark Music says, "it's hard to avoid getting lost in the sonic gaze generated by these two when they're clicking like nobody's business."

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