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With a sound straight out of Texas, this indie folk duo are a couple of born tramps. They live on the road, their wanderlust fueling a search for pure harmony. The traveling lifestyle seeps into their sound, conjuring up wayward troubadours of old.
October 7
Winner of seven International Bluegrass Music Association Bass Player of the Year awards, Missy Raines has proven herself without doubt as an iconic bluegrass instrumentalist.
October 12
Brother and The Hayes is a sibling duo originally from Texas, now based in Nashville, TN. With their unique songwriting and sibling chemistry, they are engaging both with a full electric backing band or with one acoustic guitar.
October 14
October 21
October 22
December 2
People have said that Abe Partridge sounds older than his chronological age, and there’s a very good reason for that – he’s packed a lot of living into his 37 years.

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