Venues That Host Acoustic Music

There are thousands of smaller, intimate music venues out there that host touring acoustic musicians. Most don't advertise heavily so you probably are not aware most of them exist - one could be right around the corner from you!

In case you are unfamiliar with this growing acoustic music scene, click on one of the links below to learn more and find venues near you.

House Concerts

House concerts are exactly that - a concert in someone's home. Mosts only host a few shows per yer (3-6), and combine a pot-luck dinner party with live music.

Listening Rooms

Similar to house concerts, these are intimate shows for anywhere from 50-100 people but are "for profit".

Folk Music Coffeehouses

Many local community organizations, especially Unitarian Universalist Churches, host acoustic "coffeehouse" concerts as a way to bring the community together.

Folk Music Societies

Non profit organizations around the country that are dedicated to preserving folk and traditional acoustic music.

Cafes, Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Fairly self explanitory - places with the main purpose is food but that also host live music.

Vineyards, Breweries & Brew Pubs

Most wineries/vineyards and breweries ocassionally host live concerts at their locations.

Music, Book and Record Stores

Music instrument sellers, bookstores and record shops sometime host concerts in their stores.


Many local libraries ocassionally host free concerts for the community.

Small Theaters

Many smaller community theaters host concerts by acoustic musicians.

Outdoor Concert Series

Summer concerts held outdoors in many parks and communities around the country.

Online Concert Series

With many physical venues closed, several concert series have sprung up online that stream concerts on a regular basis.