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In 2017, we moved into a house that was made for entertaining, and I've been able to realize my longtime ambition of hosting house concerts. Inside, from about October through May, we can comfortably seat 35-65. Outside, weather permitting in Oregon, we can seat about 80 or more. The magical moment when you realize your musicians have made that special connection with your audience of friends and friends-to-be in an event you've created is so heady! I try to keep it varied and within the genres that I love. Prefer touring musicians. My ideal would be a concert here every month or two.

Upcoming Shows

Nov 6, 2021
Molly Mary Mahoney
My Cousin Cole -- Pitter, Patter, Porter
Molly Mary Mahoney, a Jazz and Opera Singer from San Francisco & a distant cousin of Cole Porter. A unique and unforgettable evening of songs and stories. Portland Pianist Joshua Hegg will accompany.