Trinity House Theatre

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38840 W 6 Mile Rd
We are a small non-profit charitable organization run entirely by volunteers; therefore, most of our concert bookings are weekend dates. Unfortunately, there’s only so many weekends in a year. Further restricting these opportunities, we book limited shows during the summer months or during our main stage theatrical runs each year.

Upcoming Shows

August 1
September 21
November 9
December 5
A literate and engaging song artist from Pittsburgh, with echoes of Greg Brown, Lyle Lovett, Bruce Coburn and Daryl Scott.

Previous Shows

July 7
Trinity House Theatre welcomes back Pierce Pettis! w/special guest (and birthday boy), Jim Bizer!
June 15
For more than 40 years, Dan Hazlett has performed and toured throughout the Midwest. He was a songwriting instructor at the Internationally renowned Interlochen Center for the Arts for six years, teac
June 14
The Rough & Tumble is a folk/Americana duo from New Hampshire. They aren’t afraid to take an audience from the lighthearted to the gut wrenching, and they do it seamlessly.
May 31
May 3
Songs about broken things and poignant little ponderings with a rootsy vibe, a touch of twang and a soulful groove.
April 26
Annie Capps is best known for her long performing career alongside partner in life and music, Rod Capps. She’s recently released a solo project called “How Can I Say This?” a collection of songs exposing Annie at her most vulnerable and honest.
April 23
Songwriter, banjo-piano-uke-guitar player, Rachael Davis is as renowned for her expressive–and explosive–voice as she is for uniting the often disparate worlds of folk, blues, country, and pop.