Sundilla Concert Series

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450 E Thach Ave
The award-winning Sundilla Acoustic Concert Series was started in 1993, and in March 1996 the series found a permanent home at the historic Unitarian Fellowship building in Auburn, Alabama. A not-for-profit, volunteer effort, the Sundilla series provides original, acoustic music in an intimate, gracious setting where it can be enjoyed by performers and listeners alike.

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September 9
September 23
October 6

Previous Shows

July 15
Host of the roots music history podcast American Songcatcher, Nicholas Edward Williams is a multi-instrumentalist dedicated to preserving the songs and styles that have shaped our country: ragtime, Piedmont blues, traditional folk and early country.
June 23
June 3
Friction Farm combines storytelling, social commentary, and humor to create songs of everyday life, local heroes, and quirky observations.
April 22
March 18
February 4
Prairie balladeer, awestruck vagabond, unrepentant dreamer. "He sings his heart and soul, and in doing so lets light flood into your own... Truly one of Woody Guthrie's children." -RnR Magazine
January 13
The Rough & Tumble is a thrift store Americana two person, two dogged, multi instrumental duo who live in a 16' camper around the country. Math isn't their strong suit, but the music is pretty good.