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19 N 4th St
Steve's Guitars is a 50-capacity BYOB Listening Room in Downtown Carbondale, CO located in the Dinkel Building. We have occupied this HIstoric space since 1993! We are an intimate listening room where the focus is on the Music, with vintage guitars adorning the walls and hanging from the ceiling. (that will sing along with you sometimes! ) Folks have gathered here to enjoy live music for nearly three decades! We book who we like, when schedules permit. Friday Performances have run for decades and as of "the 19", have live-streamed on our YouTube Channel whenever possible and on occasion and Broadcast with the nation’s first and oldest non-profit community access television station, Grassroots Community Network. The Venue has old movie-theater seats and plush couches to sink into as well as the 'mobile plastic variety' of chairs. We book the new and upcoming as well as the tried and true-seasoned Musicians. It Is All About The Music! As newbies here we are in the process of populating our calendar. As you know an artist page has to exist here first. We book all sorts of diversity and will update our calendar as rapidly as we can- new artists of course will have to grant us permission to post them here...

Upcoming Shows

October 20

Previous Shows

August 12
Acoustic folk and bluegrass harmonies
August 6
May 24
April 26
April 16
Imagine if Nirvana and the Beatles had a kid......
April 23
An evening of folk Americana on 6 & 12-string guitar concerning heroes and hope, so that absolutely everyone, of any identity or history, can know that they are not alone but are on the Hero's Quest.
January 14
Prairie balladeer, awestruck vagabond, unrepentant dreamer. "He sings his heart and soul, and in doing so lets light flood into your own... Truly one of Woody Guthrie's children." -RnR Magazine