Shugs at Brooklyn South Square

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209 S Lee St
The community gathers at Shug’s. Where music, drinks, food, art and great people come together. Our mission is to provide a safe place to connect, protect, engage and inspire our community through art, food, drink and merriment. At Shug’s we eat music, drink art and indulge in the virtuosity of life! We have a large collection beer, wine and spirits, including 24 ice cold taps, signature & seasonal cocktails and daily food & drink specials. We offer regularly schedule live music (loud performances, listening room events to mini festivals in our parking lot) and local artists on exhibit.

Upcoming Shows

March 25
Logan is a rising singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist out of the NC Sandhills, who harkens back to original Americana-folk yet modernized with contemporary instrumentation.
March 31
June 16

Previous Shows

March 15
E.W. Harris is an alt-folk songwriter and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. A self-styled “Dystopian Romantic,” Harris combines sonic textures, memorable melodies, and powerful vocals to create music he calls “folk tunes from an (im)possible future.”
February 23
People have said that Abe Partridge sounds older than his chronological age, and there’s a very good reason for that – he’s packed a lot of living into his 37 years.
February 4
An Akron, OH based rustbelt folk songwriter. Ben is known for combining lyrically driven songs with charming and quick witted stories. Thumping fingerstlye guitar, blues harmonica, and smooth vocals, bring you a one of a kind performance.
January 28
November 16
November 12
October 1
Kevin Daniel is a North Carolina-born singer-songwriter who tours both solo and with his band The Bottom Line. The southern crooner has released three albums, singing songs of sorrow and hope.