Portland Folk Music Society

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2901 SE Steele St
Concerts are held at Reedwood Friends Church, 2901 SE Steele Street, Portland, OR 97202

Upcoming Shows

April 15
Courtney Gasque Politano, Ann Louise Jeffries Thaiss and Christina Wilson began singing together as an emotional and musical release. These American Folk artists picked up instruments to further enhance their vocally driven sound.
May 20
Whether they’re ripping through a set of original jigs and reels, adding lush harmonies into traditional folk ballads, or cracking up an audience with stories from the road, House of Hamill puts on a show that captivates audiences.

Previous Shows

March 18
John Reischman and the Jaybirds fashion a stylish take on bluegrass; seamlessly blending original songs and instrumentals with Appalachian old-time music for a truly unique sound.
February 18
You are the shouted poetry of dawn. Each and every one of you, regardless of identity, gender, ethnicity or anything else, is born to the Hero's Quest.
January 21
A truly authentic folk singer, Francey is a documentarian of the working person who never imagined earning a living from his music.
December 10
NWSP is John Weed (fiddle), Aryeh Frankfurter (nyckelharpa, harp), Lisa Lynn (cittern, harp), and Stuart Mason (guitar, bouzouki). They present a lush blend of extraordinary instruments and music in the Celtic, Nordic and American folk traditions.
November 19
Dave Stamey is one of the most popular Western entertainers working today. The Western Music Association has seven times voted him Entertainer of the Year and Male Performer of the Year along with five times Songwriter of the Year.
October 8
Deidre McCalla doesn’t merely take the stage - she owns it. Her songs embody hope and celebration, struggle, loss, and longing. Sometimes all in one song!
September 17
Tim Grimm is a bit of a Rennaisance man in the performing arts world. He has for the past 20 years, blended his love for songwriting, travel, and the storytelling of acting.