Eddie Owen Presents at Red Clay Theatre

Small Theater
3116 Main St
Duluth, GA
Eddie Owen Presents is the songwriter's best friend. It is a music venue, production company, music school, and a home away from home for performing singer-songwriters and their fans. We are based in Duluth, Georgia at Red Clay Theatre - a 260-seat listening room that hosts the most talented musicians on the planet.

Upcoming Shows

Feb 23, 2018
Chasing Lovely (Singer/Songwriter)
Mar 9, 2018
Shawn Mullins (Singer/Songwriter)
Mar 10, 2018
Shawn Mullins (Singer/Songwriter)
Mar 28, 2018
Claire Lynch (Singer/Songwriter)
Apr 19, 2018
Tim Easton (Singer/Songwriter)
Apr 21, 2018
Mary Fahl (Singer/Songwriter)
May 4, 2018
Peter Case (Singer/Songwriter)

Previous Performances

Feb 2, 2018
Amelia White (Singer/Songwriter)
Feb 1, 2018
Bob Schneider (Singer/Songwriter)
Jan 28, 2018
Andy May (Singer/Songwriter)
Jan 27, 2018
Jesse Terry (Singer/Songwriter)
Jan 20, 2018
Elizabeth Cook (Country)
Jan 12, 2018
Cliff Eberhardt (Singer/Songwriter)
Dec 9, 2017
Sarah Peacock (Singer/Songwriter)