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December 1
December 5
The Rough & Tumble is a thrift store Americana two person, two dogged, multi instrumental duo who live in a 16' camper around the country. Math isn't their strong suit, but the music is pretty good.
December 6
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December 9
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December 15
GoldenOak is an Indie/Soul/Folk band based out of Portland, Maine and fronted by siblings Zak and Lena Kendall.
December 17
December 18
December 21
December 23
January 8
January 19
Venezuelan-Appalachian fusion by Llanera master and asylum-seeking migrant Larry BellorĂ­n & GRAMMY-nominated bluegrass superstar Joe Troop (Che Apalache). Latingrass: Banjo, cuatro, fiddle, guitar, maracas, upright bass, vocals. Album out Jan 2023.
January 21
February 4
February 9
Louise Mosrie and Marc Douglas Berardo in the round at Club Passim.
February 10
March 2
With palpable chemistry and warmth, Chatham Rabbits -- Sarah Osborne McCombie (vocals, banjo) and Austin McCombie (vocals, guitar, fiddle) -- fill each space they enter with brightness and sincerity. They are the stuff duo dreams are made of.
March 9
March 10
March 11

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