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Heroes and myth are the shouted poetry of dawn. Each and every one of you, regardless of identity, gender, ethnicity or anything else, are born to the Hero's Quest.
September 24
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Original heartfelt music from the streets of New Orleans to the hills of Appalachia.
October 13
October 14
Join us for a great Night of Music from Dana Cooper. Dana is a Poetic & Powerful Indie Folk/Americana Songwriter from Nashville known for his storytelling & musicanship. He will be performing New Songs- from NEW CD- as well as Old Favorites.
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The Rough & Tumble is a thrift store Americana two person, two dogged, multi instrumental duo who live in a 16' camper around the country. Math isn't their strong suit, but the music is pretty good.
December 3

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Cliff Eberhardt is an American folk singer-songwriter. He is a founding member of the Fast Folk Music Cooperative in New York City.