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Like a maple leaf caught in a gust above the Ontario prairies, Taylor blissfully floats between the borders of songwriting with his hook-laden hammerclaw pop. '21 Kerrville Newfolk Winner, acclaimed debut album out now.
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Appalachian Folk Trio from Floyd, Virginia.
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A gang of sweet angels punching you in the heart
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Chris Jones is a singer, a songwriter, a guitarist, and, thanks to his role hosting SiriusXM’s Bluegrass Junction, one of the most widely heard broadcasting voices in bluegrass music.
August 25
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?Higher energy than a folk act, but not as loud as a rock band.?
October 18
November 15
Come celebrate Dana's 32nd Release "The Ghost of Tucumcari." This album features Lyle Lovett, Hayes Carll, Susan Gibson, Shake Russell, Darden Smith, Mando Saenz, Libby Koch, David Starr & more. And "Live From Caffe Lena" Released 3/15

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Willi Carlisle is an award-winning folksinger, writer, and theater-artist from Northwest Arkansas
May 19
Traveling Light's roots are deep in bluegrass, but Sumner's lyric-forward songs & snaking progressions demand something beyond folk conventions, highlighting the range of bandmates Kat Wallace (fiddle/tenor guitar/harms) & Mike Siegel (upright bass).
May 17
May 16
Robinson & Rohe deliver a powerful live show replete with effortless harmony singing, soulful grooves, playful humor, and razor-sharp lyrics.
May 3