dancing Light - Artist Profile

Walker, MN
Soulful acoustic music with a cosmic perspective. Kiki, Greg and Sabbastian's shows are organic, spontaneous and often humorous. A deep love for nature often shines through their strong lyric imagery.
Dancing Light is the musical trio of Kiki, Greg and Sabbastian.

Dancing Light's style fuses folk, classical, rock and pop. Kiki and Greg songs feature strong lyric imagery, compelling rhythms and weaving harmonies.

Greg and Kiki’s songs reflect their deep love for nature, each other, and the infinite. Each dancing Light show is unique and unfolds as they follow their inspiration.

Kiki sees dancing Light as being in the transport business. “If we do our job well, we transport ourselves and the audience to a place where the vibe is a little lighter, and the world shines a bit brighter."

Sabbastian Wilson-Webb joined dancing Light in January of 2018. Sabbastian is a composition major at Berklee School of Music's online program, and is Greg and Kiki's youngest son.

Ensemble Members

Kiki Carter Webb: Vocals, Light Percussion, Native Flute, Songwriter

Greg Webb: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Songwriter

Sabbastian Wilson-Webb: Vocals, Silver Flute, Keyboard, Guitar, Composer/Arranger

Upcoming Shows

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