Wednesday May 5, 2021

7:00pm EDT

Tom Prasada-Rao Live Stream

His voice belies his musicianship and his extraordinary songs. Tom Prasada-Rao has been a quiet giant on the folk scene since the early 1990s. Tom has dealt with many health challenges and getting through chemo treatments and surgery the last few years but he is back to writing and creating beautiful and topical songs from his home studio. “His song, “$20 Bill (for George Floyd)” reflects the same sort of gentle power. It’s a quiet song, neither too simple nor overwrought, recorded under a desk lamp in an otherwise dark room, intermittently lit by the flashing screen of his television. There’s a kind of honesty in his presentation: he is not putting on a show for us. “$20 Bill” truly is a song for George Floyd.”-NPR- 5.28.2020

Tom Prasada-Rao

A virtual world music ensemble rolled into one guy. His voice weaves incantations, and the guitar is a magic wand in the hands of this extraordinary musician.
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