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June 4
Marc Douglas Berardo and Abbie Gardner at Lower Falls House Concerts. Always a great show.
September 15
An evening of folk Americana on 6 & 12-string guitar concerning heroes and hope, so that absolutely everyone, of any identity or history, can know that they are not alone but are on the Hero's Quest.

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November 20
Abbie "Not only a first-rate Dobro player but a songwriter to be reckoned with." -- John Platt, WFUV Marc "Berardo takes you to a place within yourself to make changes you want to see in the world." -- Mary Jane Twohy, The Village, Sirius/XM Radio
September 25
July 14
March 27
Folk-pop artist Halley Neal is a Nashville based singer and songwriter. Inspired by music from the 1970's, Halley released her debut record in June 2021.
November 1
February 8
December 14