Little Turquoise Door Concerts

We live in an over 55 community in Tempe. We host touring artists and try to keep our acts somewhat varied in genre. We host a potluck where we provide the main dish and people bring complementing dishes. Or not, we're pretty laid back. We literally pass the hat for the $20 donation. We've been hosting for about 5 years and held dozens of shows. It's still so much fun!

Upcoming Shows

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Previous Performances

Missy Andersen
Nov 13, 2020
Missy Andersen
Acoustic Blues
The Rough and Tumble
Mar 14, 2020
The Rough and Tumble
Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Other Folk/Traditional
The Rough & Tumble is a thrift store Americana two person, two dogged, multi instrumental duo who live in a 16' camper around the country. Math isn't their strong suit, but the music is pretty good.