Saturday September 25, 2021

3:00pm EDT

September 2021 QuaranPalooza Livestream Music Fest

QuaranPalooza: Playing For A Cause We're excited to bring you the multi-performer, multi-genre livestreaming music festival extravaganza we call QuaranPalooza. This is number 17, and we have 18 fantastic performers and 7 1/2 hours of music for ya, Saturday 9/25 12-7:30 PDT! This month sees the return of Az Samad from Malaysia, an unplugged Eastern Highs set, Pat Nevins, Paige Clem, David Gans, performers from Austin, TX, Arkansas, Los Angeles and plenty of talent from right here in The Bay Area! This is a very special gathering, something that helps cancer patients and their families, and we're blessed to have a very supportive and all-inclusive community. And we feel nothing but gratitude, and want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us on our mission with your kind, generous donations. With your help we were able to raise and donate $123 to Bay Area Cancer Connections! Get a ticket @ and join us in The Zoom, and we'll donate 25% of ticket sales to Bay Area Cancer Connections! We have a goal every month of raising and donating $100, you can help make that happen by getting a ticket or can donate after clicking the tickets button. The show will feature : 12-12:20 Mjoy 12:25-12:40 David Jesitus 12:45-1:10 Sariyah Idan 1:15-1:35 Nikki Nash 1:40-2 Kevin Radley 2:05-2:25 Dakota Dry 2:30-2:55 Frances Ancheta Becker 3-3:25 The Hughes Effect 3:30-3:50 Rosy Nolan 3:55-4:05 Giulia Millanta 4:10-4:30 The Eastern Highs Unplugged 4:35-4:55 Dawn Ellerbeck 5-5:05 John Rybak 5:10-5:30 Aharon Wheels Bolsta 5:35-5:55 Pat Nevins 6-6:20 Az Samad 6:25-6:50 Paige Clem 6:55-7:30 David Gans We'll all be doing live music sets with some live Zoom interaction/Q & A between performances. $15 tickets are available for purchase if you'd like to support your local artists and also join the Zoom with audio and video interaction. It will also be available to view for free if you'd like to just watch, and tips will also be welcome through paypal/venmo for performers. A $15 ticket gets you into the fest and onto The Zoom with us + we donate 25% of ticket sales to Bay Area Cancer Connections! Tickets -> Event Page ->
David Gans

John Rybak + Friends
Folk, Americana, Acoustic Blues

"Deeply rooted and well-versed in American roots music and early southern blues John + Friends will take you on a musical road trip across the country with feel-good songs of substance and integrity"

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