Friday February 26, 2021

5:00pm EDT

February 2021 QuaranPalooza Livestream Music Fest

QuaranPalooza: Keeping Live Music Alive We're making music online to help get us through this pandemic. Get a ticket and join us to help us raise money for Bay Area Cancer Connections. We raised and donated $91 last month and could use your support in getting a ticket to reach our goal of a $100 donation- for tickets! The show will feature : Rick Hardin 8-8:15 Dave Huebner 8:20-8:35 The Eastern Highs 8:40-9:05 David Gans 9:10-9:25 DB Walker 9:30-9:45 Justin Ancheta 9:50-10:10 Amy Obenski 10:15-10:35 Papiba & Friends 10:40-11:10 Josh Needleman 11:15-11:35 John Rybak 11:40-11:55 Cello Joe 12-12:35 Syzygy 12:40-1:10 Genie 1:15-2 We'll all be doing live music sets with some live Zoom interaction/Q & A between performances. $15 tickets will be available for purchase if you'd like to support your local artists and also join the Zoom with audio and video interaction. It will also be available to view for free if you'd like to just watch, and tips will also be welcome through paypal/venmo for performers.
John Rybak + Friends
Folk, Americana, Acoustic Blues

"Deeply rooted and well-versed in American roots music and early southern blues John + Friends will take you on a musical road trip across the country with feel-good songs of substance and integrity"

David Gans

Amy Obenski
Singer/Songwriter, Folk

Amy’s songs are timeless. With lyrics about the experience of being human, her music has a way of connecting with anyone on a deeply personal level. Her sometimes soulful, sometimes pure and haunting voice lends itself to comparisons to Joni Mitchell,

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