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Trae Sheehan
Sep 22, 2020
Trae Sheehan (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Folk Rock, Americana)
Born on an alpaca farm in West Virginia, Trae Sheehan grew up playing music surrounded by family and traveling. With a #7 Roots Album in the books, he is releasing a new record in the fall.
Christine Havrilla
Oct 18, 2020
James VanDeuson
Mar 2, 2021
James VanDeuson (Singer/Songwriter, Americana)
Steff Mahan
May 18, 2021
Steff Mahan (Singer/Songwriter)
John Byrne
Aug 3, 2021
Ian Flanigan
Sep 12, 2021
Ian Flanigan (Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk)