Thursday April 15, 2021

5:00pm EDT

FAR-West Teaches Presents Making a Song Your Own with Laura Zucker

YOU CAN ATTEND AS AN OBSERVER, OR YOU CAN APPLY TO BE A PERFORMING ACT. To be considered for a performing slot, apply by April 14th at 8:00 p.m. PT Please email for the Zoom Link. Put "FAR-West Teaches with Laura Zucker" in the subline. Once you receive the zoom link, TO ATTEND AS AN OBSERVER, ONLY COMPLETE THE FIRST QUESTION. TO APPLY TO BE A PERFORMING ACT, PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. FAR-West Teaches Next Segment is April 15th with Laura Zucker “Make a Song Your Own” Master Class Let’s explore how to take any song and “make it your own.”  One voice and one guitar and you want to play some Earth Wind and Fire?  Limited piano skills and you’d like to cover Scott Joplin?  Limited vocal range and want to cover some Janis Joplin?  Playing a cover of someone else’s song can be frustrating if you try to do it note for note like the original. Bring your ideas and your skill and we’ll find fun and easy ways to make those songs fit you, while maintaining their integrity.
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