Thursday April 15, 2021

8:00pm EDT

"Songs & Stories" at Music My Mother Would Not Like Episode #8 Patty Larkin & Cliff Eberhardt

This concert series, on Zoom will feature the “Songs & Stories” of Patty Larkin and Cliff Eberhardt. Program hosted and emceed by Bruce Swan, Folk DJ. Each artist will talk about the writing process, a favorite song, tales of the road and performances and a 20 – 25 minute set of music. Donation based. Registration Required. Concert Starts at 8:00 PM EDT; you may gain access to the Zoom Waiting room from 7:30 PM EDT.
Patty Larkin
Folk Rock

Cliff Eberhardt
Singer/Songwriter, Folk

Cliff Eberhardt is an American folk singer-songwriter. He is a founding member of the Fast Folk Music Cooperative in New York City.

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In partnership with Music My Mother Would Not Like
Streamed live via Zoom