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New York, NY
Rachel Rose is a 21 year old singer/songwriter that has a voice from before her time, and songs that are timeless. Her melodies get stuck in your head and force you to listen to the intimate story she has carefully carved into a 3 or so minute track.

Rachel grew up playing intense sports, but always had a passion for singing, performing, and connecting with others. When she bought her first guitar at age 18, songs started pouring out of her. The first song Rachel ever wrote, "Dancing In The Palm Of Your Hand," was released last January, and over the course of the year, three more singles followed. Rachel now lives in New York City, playing shows with her band and recording more music.

Rachel was never someone who fit into one singular box, in any area of her life. Rachel's muse for her music derives from her experience as a bisexual, multi ethnic & multi religious woman (Christian Trinidadian mother & Caucasian Jewish father). Rachel's songs reflect her journey to self acceptance and the idea that you can be more than one thing, in any area of your life. Drawing inspiration from her colorful life, Rachel brings unity to any stage she is on.

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