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Taneyville, MO
Singer/Songwriter, Bluegrass & Roots Music, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Other Folk/Traditional
Mike and Nancee Micham met while entertaining folks at Rawhide, a little western tourist town on the then, outskirts of Scottsdale, Arizona. The couple decided to move on and landed a gig , for 13 years, working and performing for Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. Mike was the lead guitarist and comedian of the group The Homestead Pickers and Nancee worked with them and took care of the old cabin where they played, McHaffie's Homestead. While there, their love of folk and traditional Irish grew as well as the art of Storytelling. In 2007 they bid a fond farewell and set out to become independent folk artists. They have been performing for Renaissance Faires, folk festivals, storytelling festivals, Road scholar programs, schools, libraries, and many other venues. Including four tours of Ireland while with The Homestead Pickers.
Thier goal is to entertain, educate and enlighten thier audiences through laughter and music. So they come away knowing a little more with a smile or maybe a groan from Mike's bad jokes! But always enjoying the time they got to hear EznDil

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